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Poor Communication is a leading cause of workplace conflict

Understanding differences in communication styles can improve productivity,  employee morale and leadership effectiveness

Differing styles often leads to misunderstanding. Within a team you may have people who communicate in a systematic and logical fashion, where others are more sympathetic and supportive. These kinds of differences can impact interpretation of messages and lead to conflict and soured relationships – even though both parties are working to achieve a shared goal. 

Personality, measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, is an excellent  framework to describe individual preferences related to workstyle and communication. Teams that are self-aware, understand member strengths and blind spots leading to more effective communication, reduced conflict, and higher performance.

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The Myers-Briggs assessment can help identify workstyles and improve both internal and external communication.


The MBTI Step I assessment provides a complete picture of the strengths and behaviours that drive each person’s natural communication style. Providing concrete advice on how to make communication better flow through your organization. Employees will develop an understanding of their preferred communication methods, the types of information they communicate, and the communication needs of others.


The MBTI Step II allows you to explore communication styles at a highly in-depth and individual level. Explore nine personality facets that influence how an individual communicates. Individuals receive a clear description of their communication style as well as powerful tips for enhancing their communication. The MBTI Step II is ideal when working with leadership groups on their communication skills.


If you would like to become a corporate communication expert, Psychometrics Canada offers a certified MBTI Certification Program. Contact us and register today!

Improve communication in the workplace

Developing the skills to recognize and adapt to other communication styles allows employees to get their message across to all types of people. As a result, their activities run smoothly, and they operate at their optimal productivity.

Effective communication in the workplace delivers:

  • Increased performance
  • Better results
  • More effective use of time and resources
  • Maximized opportunities
  • Clearer decisions
  • Improved morale

WHICH ASSESSMENT TOOL DO I NEED to improve communication?

Improving communication in the workplace starts with Psychometrics Canada. If you’re unsure which corporate communication assessment tool is right for your company, contact us today! 

Assessments for Workplace Communication

Myers-briggs Assessments

By understanding personality type through the MBTI assessment people learn how good communication is different for each person, and use their own strengths to communicate more effectively.

Workplace Communication Case Studies

Interior Health Authority utilized the MBTI assessment to improve manager communication skills and their ability to engage staff.

Read how Hallmark is using the MBTI tool to create a work culture adapted to the 21st century.

Communication in the workplace blogs