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    Jun 26, 2019    |   Psychometrics Canada

The Psychology of Change 2019 Seminar Recap

This month, over 300 attendees consisting of executive directors, vice presidents of HR, consultants, and talent management professionals attended the complimentary seminar, The Psychology of Change, in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Mississauga, and Ottawa.

CALGARY – June 4, 2019, Fort Calgary

The seminar addressed the psychology of change and the natural reactions that people have when leading or responding to change — presented by Psychometrics Canada psychologist, Shawn Bakker, who spoke about how managers and employees could leverage their strengths to increase involvement and buy-in when designing, leading and implementing change processes.

With change research stating that 70 percent of change initiatives fail within organizations, attendees engaged by discussing change leadership styles and how to effectively communicate the message by focusing on the Macro, Micro, Hearts, and Minds.

MISSISSAUGA – June 11, 2019, Novotel Mississauga

At Psychometrics Canada, we would like to thank everyone who attended and met our team! If you missed The Psychology of Change and want to learn more, read the latest article by I/O Psychologist, Justin Deonarine on

The Psychology of Leading Change (Versus Merely Managing It)


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