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    Jun 07, 2022    |   Camille Labrie

Best Practices In Succession Planning

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Written by Justin Deonarine, I/O Psychologist

Succession planning is a critical practice that supports the future success of organizations. While these efforts would ideally be applied to all key roles, it’s most important to consider who will take the leadership mantle when needed.

Much like other critical processes, succession planning isn’t an easy task. It can be outright overwhelming, and this makes it a daunting task that prevents organizations from planning ahead. The best place to start would be to have a broad understanding of the key components of fruitful succession planning initiatives.

Identify potential develop leadership promote leaders

Keep in mind that this is just the broad overview of what goes into great succession planning programs. To learn more about these three factors and how you can effectively implement each of them into your own succession planning efforts, download our Succession Planning Playbook below.

Succession Planning Playbook Succession Planning Playbook Cover

Want to improve how you identify and develop high potentials? We’ve compiled a one-stop resource that includes both our own experience and high-impact research from the field. In this report, we explore:

  • The benefits of succession planning
  • What organizations are currently doing (and why it’s not working)
  • How you can implement or improve your succession program
  • How to identify and develop high potentials

View the Playbook


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