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    May 04, 2021    |   Camille Labrie

Improve Your Hiring Process

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Written by I/O Psychologist, Justin Deonarine

I’m excited to announce that today May 4 at 3:00 P.M., we are releasing the updated version of the Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI®) to all customers. For almost four years now, I’ve been helping clients harness the ERI to improve their hiring processes. I’ve seen many organizations experience a number of benefits by implementing this pre-employment test into their hiring process, including reducing organizational turnover, reducing inventory theft, improving customer service, and reducing unauthorized absences.


A great example would be the successes found by a modular building organization. By implementing the ERI into their hiring process, they were able to reduce their turnover by 44%, for-cause terminations by 57%, and saved approximately $500,000 USD per year (due to the extensive training they provided their employees upon hiring them). View the entire case study.


ERI V2 Sample Report helps hiring process with pre-employment test

Some of my choice highlights from the updated version of the ERI:

  • A new Interview Guide comes with each report. As the ERI is often used to evaluate candidates before a final interview, this guide can help structure the interview to dive deeper into the results of the assessment. The most important questions are flagged for you (based on the assessment results), so you can identify the topics that you should explore at a glance.
  • A new User’s Manual can be found on our website. This manual provides an overview of the theory behind the ERI, guidance around how to administer the assessment, as well as guidance on how to interpret the results.
  • A new Technical Manual can be found on our website also. This manual dives into topics around how the assessment was created, how we determined that adverse impact was not a factor, how the ERI correlates with other assessments such as the Work Personality Index 2.0 and the California Psychological Inventory 434, and a comprehensive overview of the validity research behind the ERI (i.e. validity case studies).

I hope that, in reading this, you have discovered a new benefit that you harness in your own organization, or a new way that you can help your clients.


Please reach out to our team to find out how we can help you improve your hiring process.


Justin M. Deonarine

I/O Psychologist

Psychometrics Canada





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