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On average, 70% of organizational change initiatives fail or do not result in sustained change.

Addressing the psychology of change, the natural reactions that people have when leading or responding to change, can make all the difference.

We would like to invite you to our complimentary seminar The Psychology of Change, presented by lead psychologist, Shawn Bakker. This one hour seminar explores:

  • Why and how people deal with change in different ways.
  • A logical approach for recognizing patterns of human behaviour during times of organizational change.
  • How managers and employees can leverage their strengths to increase involvement and buy-in when designing, leading and implementing change processes.

Also discussed will be practical examples as to how leading psychometric assessments and diagnostic instruments can be used in your organization’s leadership and cultural development initiatives.

Please note space is limited.

The Psychology of Change is a must attend if you and your team:

  • Are leading change in your organization.

  • Are seeking to find ways to improve communication and buy-in during organization change.

  • Want to proactively minimize the stress, disruption and chaos that change can bring.

Take a look at our past Psychology of Change events!

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5:00 – 6:00 PM MST 



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What our attendees are saying

This was a great event and a good approach to change management. I liked the practical examples provided (like an office move), and appreciated the red shirt analogy.
Bente Hallin
CEO, Accurate Network Services Inc.
It was a great reminder to acknowledge that not everyone experiences/reacts to change in the same way and I appreciated the suggestions and strategies for how to successfully navigate change as a leader.
Jennifer Doiron
Partner, Cenera
Very well presented given the short period of time. Shawn did very good in explaining the different leadership style and the actions to consider to cover important things during times of organizational change.
Jerome Paz
Human Resource Manager, Wrapex Industrial Services Inc.
Had some understanding of the change process, but linking it to Type Theory and how the different types facilitate change was really interesting and insightful. Even better, were the practical strategies of how Types can address or speak to the different personalities in order to effectively engage. This was very valuable - flexing and developing the inferior sides is very important.
Anne Blackburn
Instructor, Olds College