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We believe it is the people that define an organization and make it succeed. Everyday we help organizations select the right people, and develop their strengths and abilities.

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We worked with students from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) to create a series of animated videos

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Expertise and resources to help you find great employees and develop their unique potential.

Psychometrics Canada has helped thousands of organizations effectively assess, select, and develop their people.

Our clients turn to us for insight into personality, behaviour, cognitive ability, leadership potential, as well as safety and reliability.

With the best selection of psychometric assessments in Canada, we can provide your organization with the tools and expertise necessary to predict and improve performance.

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We work with more than 7000 organizations, including 84 of the top 100 companies in Canada. We’re proud to work closely with our clients every day, helping them find and develop great people.


Earls stays competitive by using the TKI® tool in its leadership development program.

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IBM uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to create a shared language that transcends national boundaries.

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Sherritt Coal

We built a customized leadership program to help Sherritt Coal develop the next generation of leaders.

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Psychometrics Canada has provided expertise in the field of business psychology since 1976.

Our clients range from independent consultants, corporations, and all levels of government and education. We help organizations select employees and develop their talent through the use of psychometric assessment.

We help tailor an approach for each client we work with: developing an appropriate methodology and providing tools to suit each client’s goals and expected outcomes. With flexible testing offered both online and delivered through our store, we can help uncover human potential for any situation or need.

Our Solutions

Selection Solutions

Selection Solutions

Make great hires with confidence.

Our team of psychologists will help you evaluate job requirements and use assessments to help identify the best candidates.

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Development Solutions

Development Solutions

Empower your people to be their best.

Our solutions help individuals and teams work more effectively, communicate better, and perform at a higher level.

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We can help you and your organization effectively use psychometric testing to improve individual, team and organizational performance. Connect with us and start unlocking potential.

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View our knowledge centre to access strategies, training tips, white papers, research, manuals, and guides.

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Training, Certification and Workshops

Certification and training is available for the MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, CPI 260, and TKI assessments. We’re committed to your successful use of assessments. Our wide range of workshops will help you increase your effectiveness with your clients or organization.

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