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Our world class talent assessments are available through our secure, easy to use online testing platform:, allows your organization to manage the online assessment process quickly and efficiently.

You can easily send invitations to complete an assessment, create/manage groups of test takers, track usage and instantly generate reports.

Online Assessments Quick Start Guide

Access to Leading Online Assessment Tools

The testing platform provides you with access to renowned online personality, ability, and 360 degree feedback assessments including: the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), Strong Interest Inventory, Work Personality Index, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®), and FIRO-B®.

discover team strengths

Analyze group data in key areas such as change management, communication style, conflict, problem-solving and teamwork.  Start optimizing based on collective strengths, opportunities and caution areas. Team Dynamics is included in every standard assessment portal.


Looking to create a seamless experience for your employees and candidates? We can integrate talent assessments with your applicant tracking system (ATS), learning management system (LMS) or HRIS.

Contact us to learn how we have helped large organizations implement cost effective high volume online assessment solutions for employee selection and development.


Our standard online assessment site has an annual license fee of $99, then pay only for the assessment reports you generate.

Pricing for reports is based on a credit system.

You pre-purchase reporting credits through your website. Each time you request a report, credits are deducted from your account. Credits vary in price based on the volume ordered.

Quick Start Guide to


Log in as an administrator to begin assigning assessments, creating groups, and generating reports.

If you or your organization do not have access to our online assessment tools you can complete this set up form to get started. Questions? Contact us.


On the DASHBOARD you will be able to view recent activity on your site. 


To set up a new user to complete an assessment click on USERS & GROUPS in the top menu, or the icon below the Recent Activity table.

Inviting a Group to Complete Assessments

Then click CREATE USER and follow the prompts.



You can generate individuals’ reports and view their results from the dashboard or the USERS & GROUPS page. Click on their name, then select the report(s) you wish to GENERATE or VIEW.

generate report



On the USERS & GROUPS page click on the GROUPS tab and then CREATE GROUP.

invite a group

Follow the prompts to enter a group name, create users and assign assessments. You can also upload a CSV file with the names and email addresses of group members.

Once your group is created you can find them on the USERS & GROUPS page by clicking on the Groups tab.

To add new members, assign different assessments, and export Users’ assessment links, select your group and then click on the Manage Group menu.

adding new members