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    CareerID Login

    Our suite of world class assessments are available online through our secure, easy to use web based platform: CareerID.

    CareerID, allows your organization to manage the assessment process quickly and efficiently. You can easily send invitations to complete an assessment, create/manage groups of test takers, track usage and instantly generate reports.

    Your CareerID online assessment account can be set up within 2 business days. The initial set-up fee is only $99 then pay only for the assessment reports you generate. Pricing for reports is based on a credit system. You pre-purchase reporting credits through your website. Each time you request a report, credits are deducted from your account. Credits vary in price based on the volume ordered.

    CareerID Set-Up Form

    Quick Start Guide to CareerID

    Enterprise Solutions

    CareerID is available as a software as a service (SaaS) or can be integrated with your applicant tracking/learning management system to create a seamless experience for your employees and candidates. Contact us to learn how we have implemented custom high volume assessment administration solutions for large organizations.

    Quick Start Guide to CareerID

    First, you will need to go to the web address that has been provided to you and use your User ID and password to log in to your CareerID site.

    To assign assessments for people to complete, create a new USER or GROUP.

    In the menu bar above, click on “Users” and select “Create New User”.

    For this all you need is the individual’s name and email address.

    Once the new user is created, you can begin to assign assessments by clicking the “Assign Assessments” tab.

    Then, simply check off the desired assessments to be completed.

    After you have selected the assessments for the user or group, send them the assessment link.

    To complete this, click the “Send User E-Mail” tab to send the assessment.

    They can access the assessment through the link, and you will receive an email when they have completed the assessment.
    How to generate reports of completed assessments

    You can be notified by email when your client or employee has completed their assessment. Click on the “Users” tab, select the User and then go to the “User Reports” tab.  Here you can see what assessment they have completed and generate the reports.

    After you’ve generated a report, you can view, save and email the report.

    Using the “Groups” feature to send assessments to an entire team.

    If you are using assessments with a team or a class, you can use the “Groups” tab to send invitations to every member simultaneously.

    When every member has finished the assessment, you can generate reports in bulk, saving you a significant amount of time.

    If you have any questions about setting up your CareerID online assessment portal, please contact client support at or by phone at 1-800-661-5158.