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Whether you work in the human resources, career development, or coaching fields, you can count on our products and support to help you achieve your goals.

We offer a comprehensive range of valid and reliable assessment solutions to meet diverse organizational challenges such as teamwork, communication, conflict, leadership development, stress and succession planning. These assessments are available in both French and English through our online platform, as well as in traditional paper/pencil format.

In addition, to our most popular assessments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Strong Interest Inventory® (SII®), Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), Work Personality Index, we offer a range of other Personality, Cognitive Ability, and Safety and Reliability assessments.


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Personality Assessments

Our personality assessments help you identify how individuals will set goals, complete tasks, engage with others, provide leadership, deal with change, identify solutions and manage stress.

Career Interest Profiler

Identify top career choices. Anyone searching for career direction will find this tool helpful. The Career Interest Profiler (CIP) measures six traits and suggests 20-40 top careers that fit the test taker’s interests. The report includes job descriptions, links to either O*Net or NOC (National...

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Career Values Scale

It is essential that people seeking guidance in their careers have clear understanding of their values as they are a critical factor in determining career satisfaction and dissatisfaction. In the context of career guidance and development, clarification of career values will assist in providing clients...

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CPI 260®

The CPI 260 ® instrument was designed specifically assessing management and leadership potential. This instrument contains 260 items carefully selected from the original California Psychological Inventory assessment to identify an individual’s strengths and areas for development. The CPI 260 instrument is used extensively within organizations for a...

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CPI™ 434

For more than 50 years, coaches, counselors, psychologists and human resource experts have trusted this powerful assessment tool to help them create efficient and productive organizations, promote teamwork, build leadership competencies, and find and develop employees who are destined for success. With 434 items, the...

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Customer Service AP

CUSTOMER SERVICE APTITUDE PROFILE The Customer Service AP evaluates the applicant in terms of: customer service strengths, potential strengths, and areas that need development. Validity scales identify applicants who have an unusually positive or unusually negative style of self-presentation—and the scores of those applicants are automatically...

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Parker Team Player Survey

The Parker Team Player Survey (PTPS) is an easy-to-use self-assessment exercise that helps individuals identify their primary team player style—contributor, collaborator, communicator, or challenger. They discover how to best use their style for improved team performance and how to adjust the role they play on...

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Sales AP

Many things are not apparent in an interview or resumé— inhibitions about cold calling, reluctance to ask for a sale, or poor motivation to follow through once on the job. The SalesAP will measure these traits. Validated against actual sales performance this assessment will help...

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Stress Profile

The Stress Profile quickly identifies individual characteristics and behaviors that protect against or contribute to stress. Use this tool within organizational settings as part of wellness, stress management, and health promotion programs. Because it is quick and easy to administer, the Stress Profile is ideal...

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Ability Tests

Our cognitive assessments measure verbal, numerical, spatial and mechanical reasoning abilities. These tools help identify a candidate’s problem-solving skills, mental flexibility, and the types of information they can work with effectively.

ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test

The ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test is ideal for the recruitment and selection of technical and trade personnel. The ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test is a test of mechanical reasoning ability. This ability can be broadly defined as the ability to perceive and understand relationships between components within a mechanism. In...

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ACER Select Series

The ACER Select Series are quick and easily administered tests of verbal or numerical reasoning. They are suitable for recruiting in a variety of occupations, from sales and clerical, to junior management and graduate selection. They assess general intellectual ability as demonstrated by the ability to see...

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ACER Test of Abstract Reasoning

Determine if job candidates can think clearly, analyze information, solve problems and make rational decisions. The Test of Abstract Reasoning (TAR) is a measure of general ability for selection into occupations which involve a moderate to high level demand on reasoning ability. Employers assess abstract reasoning...

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The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test family is an established measure of general intelligence with 75 years and 200 million administrations behind it.

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Safety, Reliability and Integrity Tests

These assessments predict the likelihood of risk-taking and unsafe work behaviour as well as job commitment, courteous service orientation, and dependability.

WorkSafe Predictor

The WorkSafe Predictor is designed to assess patterns of thinking and acting that predict safe behaviour and the likelihood of remaining free from workplace safety incidents. It provides insight into safety behaviour that can be used in a developmental or selection context. This assessment is designed...

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