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Determine if job candidates can think clearly, analyze information, solve problems and make rational decisions.

The Test of Abstract Reasoning (TAR) is a measure of general ability for selection into occupations which involve a moderate to high level demand on reasoning ability. Employers assess abstract reasoning when a job requires the ability to think clearly, process information, solve problems and make good decisions.

The Test of Abstract Reasoning measures the extent to which a person can discover principles and rules, and apply them to solve problems using abstract visual patterns rather than numbers and words. The TAR is nearly language free and avoids problems associated with the use of verbal reasoning tests in some contexts where candidates’ written English skills are not well developed.

Organizations use abstract reasoning tests if they need to identify candidates who can:

  • Efficiently learn new skills
  • Quickly analyze new information and integrate that information into themes to solve problems at work

Candidates with high scores tend to be better at thinking strategically about problems and make better and faster decisions.

What kind of selection criteria is linked to measures of abstract reasoning?

  • Planning and coordinating
  • Creating innovative solutions to problems
  • Making decisions in a rational manner
  • Learning new material quickly
  • Collecting and analyzing information

Get Started with the Abstract Reasoning Test

There are two forms of the Test of Abstract Reasoning. The short form has 45 items and takes 20 minutes to complete, the long form has 60 items and required 25 minutes. Scoring to be completed online (


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The TAR Profile reports on the candidate’s raw scores and percentile rank. Our experts will help your organization set required benchmark scores for your organization to use to identify the best job candidates for a given role.

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