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Bringing Clarity to 360 Feedback - Driving Leadership Performance

The Psychometrics 360 assessment provides straightforward and intuitive multi-source feedback to help leaders quickly identify their strengths and developmental needs. The clarity of the Psychometrics 360 report lets leaders easily recognize key themes in the feedback from others and take actionable steps for growth.

Assessing 24 leadership competencies, the Psychometrics 360 report improves self-awareness in three key areas:360 assessment for 360 feedback

The Psychometrics 360 assessment has a simple and easy-to-use interface, ensures rater confidentiality, and collects feedback from supervisors, coworkers, direct reports and others, providing concrete feedback on leaders’ behaviours and how these behaviours affect their colleagues.


If you have worked with 360 feedback assessments in the past, you can get started immediately. We can also provide training on how to deliver Psychometrics 360 interpretations, or if you are looking for a third party to conduct a 360 debrief, one of our experts can provide feedback to participants on your behalf

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The Psychometrics 360 Report provides ratings on 24 competencies from a variety of people that are familiar with the participants’ workplace behaviour, allowing them to understand how they are seen by their colleagues. This enables participants to begin the development process with a greater sense of self-awareness.

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      Time: 15-20 minutes

      Items: 125