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hire executives and senior leaders with confidence

Psychometrics Canada’s industry-leading assessments provide key insights and help organizations make the right choice when filling senior roles.


Management and senior roles require a complex range of skills, abilities and traits. Great executives possess strong leadership, communication, strategic reasoning, and long-range planning skills. At these advanced levels, the cost of a wrong hire can have widespread impacts on your organization.

Rewards of hiring better leaders:

  • Increased organizational performance
  • Effective strategic decisions
  • Long-term business growth
  • Higher employee retention and engagement

To help companies mitigate the risk involved in these difficult decisions, Psychometrics Canada provides executive assessment consulting. We pair in-depth psychometric assessments with interpretation and decision-making support. It also allows you to identify opportunities that can promote business growth and resolve problems before they become unmanageable.

Psychometrics’ executive testing is ideal for hiring roles such as:

  • General Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice-President of Operations
  • Superintendent
  • Chief Executive Officer


We use a combination of executive assessment tools that provide a comprehensive review of the potential leader’s skills, capabilities and gaps.

  1. First,  we apply a multiple predictor model of assessment, which combines a number of predictors to provide the best possible outcome and remain consistent with Best Practice in the pre-employment and developmental assessment. We administer assessments that measure the candidate’s personality characteristics, cognitive abilities, and executive-level judgement and decision making skills.
  2. Our procedure for executive leadership assessments has the candidate complete the assessments online. Our psychologists review the results and prepare a written report of the candidates’ strengths and potential challenges.
  3. Our psychologists debrief the results with the hiring team to mitigate risk and help them make the best possible decision.

Once the results are in, our I/O Psychologists review each candidate’s individual results with you. Reviewing the results individually ensures you get a complete and objective picture of each candidate so you are able to make the best hiring decision for your business.


We help you take the guesswork out of hiring leaders. Adding our executive leadership assessment services as part of your recruitment process ensures relevance, objectivity and validity. Our approach is cost-effective, highly relevant and practical, and delivered with promptness to the client organization. Contact us to learn more about our executive testing tools.

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