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Leveraging Team Dynamics Insights & Tools for HR Leaders

Leveraging Team Dynamics: Insights For HR leaders

Communication, change, and conflict: three key competencies that impact a team’s dynamics. Helping leaders and employees understand their unique approach to these challenges can unlock the full potential of their team.

Using a sample of over 100,000 individuals, I/O Psychologist, Justin Deonarine will explore which styles may be seen more (or less) frequently in the general population. These insights will help HR and L&D professionals better anticipate their team’s needs.

Additional Insights Include:

  • Exploring Diverse Styles: Learn how individuals use different styles to communicate, adapt to change, and manage conflict within their teams.
  • Optimizing Team Potential: Gain strategies to maximize team performance by leveraging team insights.
  • Practical Application: Discover how to apply these concepts across multiple teams or enterprise-wide.

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webinar - reading the room: the power of self awareness

reading the room: the power of self-awareness

You’ve witnessed it, been frustrated by it, maybe even been hurt by it. The person who doesn’t see the impacts they have on others.
In their defense (but not to excuse them), it is impossible for people to act intentionally when they lack insight about their own preferences, gifts, talents and tendencies.

Self-awareness is the key ingredient for individual, team, and leadership success.

Join psychologist Shawn Bakker as he dives into how organizations can leverage the MBTI® assessment to increase self-awareness and collaboration in 3 key areas:

  1. Productive communication
  2. Managing change
  3. Leadership development
Supercharging Team Dynamics

Supercharging Team Dynamics

Great teams can do great work – but it doesn’t happen automatically. Effective team dynamics starts with individual self-awareness, but also requires team awareness – the clear understanding of how the team operates. This combination is what enables teams to reflect on their work and find ways to improve. In this webinar we will explore how you can supercharge the dynamics of teams in concrete, practical ways.

Insights include:

  • The problems teams encounter when engaging in key activities.
  • How you can use aggregate team data and analytics to increase awareness.
  • Ways to provide teams with actionable insights into their strengths and challenges.
  • Tips for leaders to supercharge their teams’ dynamics.

Watch this webinar to take your team’s performance to the next level.

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Conflict in the workplace is it good or bad RECORDING

Conflict in the Workplace: Is it good or bad?

Conflict is an unavoidable and, in some cases, necessary part of the workplace. Nearly everyone has had to navigate it at some point, with less than 1% of survey respondents claiming to have never experienced it.

Failing to resolve workplace conflicts can erode morale and productivity, trigger absenteeism and sickness, and escalate to personal attacks or insults during tense moments. In the worst-case scenario, it can even result in termination of employment. To prevent these negative outcomes, it’s crucial to prioritize conflict resolution in the workplace.

In this webinar, we explore:
– Whether conflict is good or bad
– When conflict tends to occur
– Approaching conflict and resolving it effectively
– Leading through times of conflict
– Changes to conflict in the remote working world

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How Effective Teams Work webinar

How effective teams work

Dive into the psychology that influences the way people and teams collaborate in the workplace.

Learn from psychologist, Shawn Bakker, as he explores research and data about common differences between people, the benefits of diversity, and the critical need for “soft skills” in effective teams.

Insights include:
Characteristics of great teams
Why teamwork breaks down
Tips for making teams work
Leading virtual and hybrid teams 

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The Top Leadership Skills for 2023 V2

The top leadershp skills for 2023

The challenges keep evolving, and they keep coming. The “Great Resignation”, “Quiet Quitting”, working remotely, hybrid working, and employee engagement are just some of the big issues leaders are facing. In this webinar, Shawn Bakker will share the top leadership skills that set great leaders apart from the rest.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Explore the latest research on leadership effectiveness
  • Discuss the most important leadership skills
  • Learn how to help leaders acquire these skills

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Why and How To of Succession Planning -Webinar

The “Why” and “How To” of Succession Planning

Presented by: Justin Deonarine

Succession planning efforts are a critical component to the health of any organization. A 2021 study published in Harvard Business Review reveals that poorly managed C-suite transitions cost North American companies over $1 trillion each year (combined).

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Best practices for your own succession planning programs, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that can hinder your efforts.
  • The traits and qualities of a high potential leader, based on research from Psychometrics Canada.
  • How to identify high potentials in your organization, using data-driven methods.
  • The most effective approach to developing your future leaders.

We also look at the insights provided in our new Work Personality Index Leadership Potential Report and explore how they can help improve your succession planning programs.

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Essential Guide to MBTI Global & Complete

your essential introduction to the new mbti® global assessment and mbti® complete

Presented by: Shawn Bakker

The newest version of the MBTI® Assessment will be available on February 1st. Built for today’s world, the MBTI® Global Assessment is now more relevant than ever. Explore what’s new, including frequently asked questions, and learn about the latest MBTI assessment firsthand at our upcoming webinar.

Attend this 45-minute webinar to:

  • Explore the changes—including an overview of the MBTI® Global Step I™ and Step II™ questionnaire, new Probability Index, MBTI manuals and support materials.
  • Learn how can you save time and provide more value to your workshop participants with MBTI® Complete. MBTI Complete enables self-directed interpretation, giving participants their verified type and reviewing MBTI type concepts online. Your participants come to your session already prepared to dive into the insights and actionable learning you want to focus on. They’ve got the basics and are ready to participate in the program.
  • View questions asked during the Q&A.

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Psychometrics Webinar - The Great Resignation

the psychology of the great resignation: leadership matters

Presented by: Shawn Bakker

Every month in Canada, about 0.7% of employees quit their job to work somewhere else. It doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up to more than 1.5 million Canadians looking for greener pastures. Every year.

There are plenty of reasons why employees leave, but a common one is that leaders do not understand what is important to employees.

In this webinar we will explore:

  • Why leaders do not fully understand the reasons for employees leaving.
  • How leaders and employees can better articulate what is important.
  • Tips for leaders to better understand and connect with employees, and make their organization an attractive and fulfilling place to stay.

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getting remote work right webinar

getting remote work right: reassessing performance traits

Presented by: Justin Deonarine

Is your talent strategy ready for hybrid work?

As organizations shift towards hybrid or fully remote working environments, we need to reconsider how we define “performance” in the working world, reassess the traits that will help employees thrive, and revisit the skills that leaders will need to better support their team.

Justin explores the aspects of our work style that can help us flourish in the new environment, and how we can use this information to help others grow and develop.

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Complimentary Webinar - The Boss Isn't Always Right - Common strengths and consistent challenges of leaders

The boss isn’t always right: common strengths and consistent challenges of leaders

Presented by: Shawn Bakker & Justin Deonarine

Using extensive data from leadership 360 assessments, Shawn Bakker and Justin Deonarine will discuss where leaders often do well and highlight areas where leaders commonly struggle. They will also share insights on where leaders should focus their development efforts, and provide strategies for both leaders and leadership coaches to move forward in these areas.

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Canadian Approach to Conflict Covid-19 Edition Webinar

What is the canadian approach to conflict? covid-19 edition

Presented by: Justin Deonarine

The pandemic has changed the way we work and interact with others, but has it changed the way we approach and experience conflict? In this 30-minute webinar, Justin presents new Canadian conflict style data collected through the pandemic to answer the question above. Also, Justin shares his insights on how he uses the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode (TKI®) assessment for team building and conflict prevention.

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Challenging the stereotype: what is the canadian approach to conflict?

Presented by: Justin Deonarine

Canadians, eh? We’re always known as the polite and friendly country, with individuals quick to apologize even when wronged. But are we really?

Our complimentary webinar explores data about conflict styles from tens of thousands of Canadians. Learn more about different approaches to conflict, how to navigate workplace conflict and how we may need to adapt our style while working from home.

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Strategies for running mbti virtual team workshops

Presented by: Shawn Bakker

Virtual training has a number of benefits: employees can manage their work and personal lives more flexibly, and they gain the opportunity to interact with their colleagues; and companies can continue to develop teams when travel or other issues get in the way of in-person events.

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Psychology of Change webinar

the Psychology of change

Presented by: Shawn Bakker

On average, 70% of organizational change initiatives fail or do not result in sustained change.

Addressing the psychology of change, the natural reactions that people have when leading or responding to change, can make all the difference.

Our complimentary webinar, presented by lead psychologist, Shawn Bakker explores:

  • Why and how people deal with change in different ways.
  • A logical approach for recognizing patterns of human behaviour during times of organizational change.
  • How managers and employees can leverage their strengths to increase involvement and buy-in when designing, leading and implementing change processes.

Also discussed will be practical examples as to how leading psychometric assessments and diagnostic instruments can be used in your organization’s leadership and cultural development initiatives.

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Self-Awareness - Leadership Superfood of the 21st Century

Self-Awareness: the leadership superfood of the 21st century

Presented by: John Russell

Objective feedback can be tough to swallow but it is necessary for the growth and development of leaders.  Feedback supports self-awareness – the accurate understanding of who we are, and how we’re perceived by others.

Research shows that while 95% of leaders believe they are self-aware, only 10-15% actually are. This gap shows that work is needed to improve how leaders view themselves. With self-awareness being an essential capability for today’s leaders, a capability that can be developed, there are many opportunities to turn average leaders into exceptional leaders.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the importance of self-awareness for leaders, what self-awareness really brings to leadership, and tips on gathering and incorporating productive feedback into your leadership development programs.

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When the going gets tough: challenging mbti team building workshop situations and how to handle them

Presented by: Patrick Kerwin

MBTI team-building workshops can yield powerful insights and behaviour-altering realizations on a team. When that occurs and things go right, it can be an incredibly gratifying experience for the facilitator as well. But what do you do when things go wrong, or when you’re not sure how to handle a team-building workshop situation?

In this webinar, we address some of the challenges you might encounter as you prepare for and deliver MBTI team-building workshops, and how to deal with those challenges.

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fixed and fluid personality traits: finding emotional intelligence insights through personality type

Presented by: Justin Deonarine

Watch our complimentary webinar exploring the relationship between the MBTI® model of personality and emotional intelligence. By combining these two powerful approaches to personality, you can provide further insights that will help increase the self-awareness of your clients.

In this 45-minute webinar, we delve into the research connecting personality type and emotional intelligence, draw connections between the MBTI mental functions and emotional intelligence concepts, and look at how you can provide emotional intelligence insights to your clients through the MBTI assessment.

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mbti and 360 webinar

Using the mbti and psychometrics 360 assessments to maximize leaders’ self-awareness

Presented by: Shawn Bakker

Self-awareness is critical to successful leadership development initiatives, yet in many work settings receiving honesty and forthright feedback from others is rare. Discover how using the MBTI® and Psychometrics 360 assessments together elicits more accurate self-reflection and a better understanding of an individual’s impact on their organizations and others in this 45-minute webinar.

After this session, you will understand how to use the MBTI instrument with the Psychometrics 360 feedback tool in your leadership development programs or with your individual clients.

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developing leaders webinar

Developing leaders using mbti eprsonality type – tips and strategies

Presented by: Shawn Bakker

Effective leaders are not specialists — they must be able to use a variety of behaviours and focus on a wide range of issues. Those who can’t flex their approach, or adjust to meet the needs of others, struggle in the leadership arena.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn a number of concrete and specific tips and activities that you can utilize in your leadership development work. Utilizing recent research that highlights the connections between MBTI® type and leadership strengths and challenges, we will share strategies for helping leaders gain self-awareness and target areas for development.

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using mbti personality type to implement change

Presented by: Aidan Millar

While change can be challenging and stressful for people and organizations to navigate, it is necessary not only for survival, but success. Learn how to help teams understand, introduce, and implement change effectively in this 60-minute webinar.

After this session, you will be ready to run change-focused workshops, and incorporate change management into your  team building and leadership programs.

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Conflict webinar icon

using mbti personality type to navigate conflict

Presented by: Aidan Millar

At work, people don’t always get along. This can lead to diminished engagement and poor productivity from unsatisfied teams. Learn how to prevent these outcomes and create harmony in the workplace by utilizing personality type to help team members get along. We focus on how our individual personality impacts how we perceive, react to, and handle conflict at work. Learn how to help individuals, teams and leaders recognize their own conflict handling style, how they differ from others in this regard, and most importantly, how to react to conflict more effectively using the tools of Personality Type.


Challenging the Status Quo – How to Cultivate a Creative Climate

Presented by: Aidan Millar

Creativity is essential to a prosperous and adaptive organization. It is the key to gaining competitive advantage as it helps meet emerging market demands and seize fleeting growth opportunities. So, what is the secret? In this webinar, learn how to foster creativity in – and through – individuals, teams, and the organization at-large by fostering
a creative culture. On a personal level, you will also learn how to apply your own creative potential to contribute more meaningfully to challenges and endeavors in your workplace.

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2 Seconds to Failure – Talent Decision Making

Presented by: Shawn Bakker
Featured Product: Work Personality Index®

As humans we are wired to make decisions in certain ways, which serves us well in many circumstances, but not in all. Some of our natural ways of making decisions cause us to make errors. Since Talent Management decisions can have such a strong impact on an organization, it is important to get them right. In this webinar we will discuss common decision making errors and how to combat them. You’ll come away with useful tips and techniques to avoid these common mistakes and improve your hiring, development, promotion and succession decisions.

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