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We believe that all leaders can learn to be more effective. With our assessments, you can help individuals learn their leadership style, preferences, strengths and possible gaps or areas needing further development.  

Help leaders become more effective:

  • Setting the direction
  • Working with people
  • Delivering results
  • Maximizing opportunities
  • Identifying and managing change

Assessments for leadership development and business or executive coaching:

Work Personality Index® (WPI)

The Work Personality Index® identifies leadership potential and helps to develop it. It provides the complete picture of the work personality required to select and develop the leaders that will make your business successful.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

The MBTI instrument can help people identify their leadership style and explore how their preferences influence how they manage change, engage people, make decisions, and achieve their goals.

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FIRO Business®

For more than 50 years, the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ (FIRO®) approach has helped people understand their interpersonal needs and how those needs influence their communication styles and behavior. Building on the history and reliability of the FIRO model, the FIRO Business® assessment...

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Psychometrics 360°

Psychometrics 360 measures current behaviours, and allows for the measurement of behavioural change over time. Tracking the changes can help you monitor a client’s progress.

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Alberta Government and Encana

Leading through constant, continuous change Alberta Government and Encana The public and private sectors are sometimes portrayed as polar opposites, serving fundamentally...

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B.C. Ministry of Finance

B.C. Finance Ministry Finds Success in Leadership Development with MBTI® Tool When British Columbia’s harmonized sales tax was eliminated in favour...

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Cambridge Fire Department

Fire Department Uses MBTI Tool to Develop Leaders 16 Ways to Fight a Fire “Putting out fires” is a demanding part of...

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Canadian Police College

MBTI® Tool Facilitates Training at Canadian Police College Getting a Grip on the Grip Sgt. Damian, a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)...

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Definitely Not Hell's Kitchen Building Leaders at Earls with the TKI How do you succeed for nearly three decades in the fiercely...

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JetBlue Uses the MBTI® Tool to Bridge Leadership with Comprehensive Development Program for Crewleaders Case study at a Glance Business Overview JetBlue was...

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North Park University

Building Leaders in HealthCare with the Work Personality Index® The Other Side of the Front Line There are few positions that demand...

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Extended Care Facilities Provider Uses Work Personality Index® for Leadership Development Program Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Compassion These are words worthy of any...

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Sherritt Coal

Mining the Leadership Within Sherritt Coal is the largest thermal coal producer in Canada. With extensive coal reserves and resources at...

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VersaCold Uses the MBTI® Tool to Turn Insight Into Inspiration in Their Global Leadership Program If you’ve ever bought frozen food,...

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Vancouver Olympics 2010

Organizing the 2010 Winter Olympics with the help of the MBTI® Tool From Startup, to Performance, to Dissolution - All in...

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