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Bring Our Experts to Your Organization

Do you want to certify several people within your organization at the same time? Here are three great reasons why clients choose an On-Site Certification Program

  1. Value for Money – Save more than 25% of course costs
  2. Flexible Scheduling – Choose the dates that work for you
  3. Focused Learning – Learn to apply the MBTI® assessment to your organizational challenges


On-Site vs. Public Certification comparison

MBTI Certification Program On-site Public
Program fee for 10 participants $16,000 $21,950
Travel costs: 10 x $250 n/a $2,500
Accommodation costs: 10 x 4 nights at $150 n/a $6,000
Trainer expenses $1,500 est n/a
Total cost of training for 10 participants $17,500 $30,450
Overall Business Impact Saving of $12,950


What Does a Four-Day On-Site MBTI® Certification Program Include?

The components are the same as in the public qualifying workshops. Our on-site program can be scheduled for four consecutive days or in another format that will meet your organization and staff needs. Each day typically requires eight hours of course time. All participants must attend the training in its entirety.

For more information, or for help getting started, please fill out the simple form below.