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Make great hires with confidence

Psychometrics Canada helps organizations make better talent decisions. Our proven selection process gives you the edge, identifying top-tier employees who have the ability and desire to help your organization succeed.

With years of assessment and employee selection expertise, our business psychologists guide you through the process of uncovering top performers and ensuring job fit.

Our assessment expertise helps you hire the right people.

  • Quickly and efficiently screen candidates
  • Measure the skills, personality, and abilities necessary for success
  • Identify better performers
  • Make the right hiring decisions

We have helped countless organizations improve their hiring decisions, regardless of the role, industry, or size. From retail sales to air traffic controllers, managers and executives, we help organizations make the best hire.

Our Selection Solutions

Our solutions are highly relevant, practical, cost-effective, and quickly delivered. With years of experience, our business psychologists give you the information and insight you need to make better hires.

pre-employment screening and testing

Make your hiring process easier, quicker, and more cost-effective. Targeting high volume, entry-level positions, we work with HR departments to integrate the Work Personality Index® Job Match Assessment into your pre-screening process to quickly identify high-performing candidates. This assessment quickly compares a candidate’s personality traits against customized job benchmarks – providing an instantaneous evaluation of person-job fit.

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high impact roles

For key roles the stakes for selecting a top performer are higher. To meet this demand and to manage the increased risk to your organization, our business psychologists will help you make the tough selection decisions. Our experts will administer a battery of assessments to identify candidates who possess the characteristics you require for success, and provide you with an in-depth interpretation of each candidate’s results, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and job-fit.

  • Professionals & Key Contributors Assessment (Ideal for roles such as Accountant, Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Financial Analyst, Buyer) – Discover candidates’ potential, strengths and weaknesses. Learn more
  • Managerial Level Assessment (Ideal for Management roles in Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Sales) – Identify how individuals will engage people, solve problems and execute strategy. Learn more
  • Executive Level Assessments (Ideal for roles such as General Manager, Marketing Director, Chief Financial Officer, Vice-President of Operations, Superintendent, Chief Executive Officer) – Uncover which candidates will develop strategy, articulate vision, innovate, and manage complexity. Learn more

9 out of 10 times our clients select top performers.

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Our Results

Modular Building Manufacturer

The Employee Reliability Inventory helps modular building manufacturer drastically reduce turnover.

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National Airways Corporation

Finding and retaining quality staff committed to operating aircraft under difficult circumstances.

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London Drugs

Using a Made-in-Canada solution for an efficient and secure pre-employment testing system.

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Australian Department of Justice

The Work Personality Index® assessment gives the Department of Justice an objective measure to successfully promote Prison Officers.

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Australian Rules Football

Aussie Rules Football team uses the Work Personality Index® assessment to recruit for success.

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Contact our team of experts to explore how our talent assessment solutions and Certification Programs can help your organization identify talent, develop potential, and enhance organizational performance.

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