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Employee Selection Tests


Deciding who to hire is full of uncertainty and risk. Relying solely on interviews, resumes, and reference checks provides only a partial picture of a potential employee. Identifying the candidate with the best person-job fit requires assessing their capabilities, character, and alignment with your workplace culture.  

Our Pre-employment selection assessments provide a scientifically-measured, valid and legally defensible approach for effectively comparing candidates, removing bias, and making informed hiring decisions.

Evaluate Candidates’:

  • Workstyle
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Values and motivations

The results of our employee pre-screening tests ensure you select people who can complete the job and fit your organization. When you make the right hiring decisions, you find yourself with an engaged workforce, an efficient business, less conflict and fewer headaches.

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Our client data demonstrates that, when used correctly, employment tests help find candidates who better fit their job role and contribute to the success of the organization:

$500,000 saved per year in turnover costs (manufacturer)

60% fewer accidents in the workplace

7 times more likely to be dependable​

54% reduction in turnover (retail organization)

8 Times more likely to provide excellent customer service


Our employment screening solutions are highly relevant, practical, cost-effective, and quickly delivered, helping you identify top-tier candidates who have the ability and desire to help your organization succeed.


Targeting high volume, entry-level positions, we work with HR departments to integrate hiring assessments into your recruitment process to quickly identify high-performing candidates. Our personality tests will compare a candidate’s test scores against job benchmarks – providing an evaluation of person-job fit. Our assessments measure candidates on safety, reliability, sales potential, ability, and personality.

Ideal for hiring: front line retail, hospitality, manufacturing, service technicians, and call centre employees

Management & Executive Testing

For management and senior leadership positions, the stakes for selecting a top performer are higher. To meet this demand and to manage the increased risk to your organization, our business psychologists will use a battery of talent assessments to help you make difficult selection decisions. Uncover which candidates will develop strategy, articulate vision, innovate, and manage complexity.

Ideal for hiring: General Managers, Marketing Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Vice-President of Operations, Superintendents, Chief Executive Officers.


With years of talent assessment expertise, our business psychologists guide you through the process of using employment tests in the selection process to uncover top performers and ensure job fit.

We understand making the wrong recruitment and selection decision is costly. The US Department of Labor estimates that the cost of a poor hire is 30% of their first-year salary.  That is the simple-to-quantify portion.  Consider the impact to morale, productivity and engagement of other employees in your organization when an individual isn’t the right fit.

Our well researched, valid, and reliable assessments measure attributes such as situational judgement, knowledge, personality, safety cognitive ability and reasoning.  Applied in the employee selection process they help organizations hire more effectively and mitigate risk.

The addition of recruitment testing may be a change to your current talent management process.  A lot of organizations still rely on time-consuming resume review and behavioral interviews.  As an HR professional, you know that first impressions and “gut feel” result in bias and the potential for adverse impact.  The addition of objective hiring assessments to your process will make it faster, defensible, and more consistent.


Start making better hiring decisions!

Contact our talent assessment experts to discuss a pre-employment assessment solution that fits your recruitment goals and budget.

Employee Selection Assessments

ERI Employee Reliability Inventory Logo


Developed by Dr. Gerald Borofsky at the Harvard Medical School, the Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI®) contains 81 statements which are answered as either true or false, and is completed in about 10 minutes. The Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI®) is a standardized, objective, and highly accurate assessment.

Work personality Index WPI Logo


The Work Personality Index® assessment provides a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance. It helps you identify key motivators and behaviours – essential for hiring the right people, developing employees and supporting great leaders.

WorkSafe Predictor logo


The WorkSafe Predictor is designed to assess patterns of thinking and acting that predict safe behaviour and the likelihood of remaining free from workplace safety incidents. It provides insight into safety behaviour that can be used in a developmental or selection context.