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Join an elite group of practitioners.

Professionals know the value of understanding and using the right tools. Psychometrics Canada is a leading provider of assessment certification and training in Canada. We offer practical and comprehensive programs to help you amplify your effectiveness for your clients or your organization.

All of the training we offer is conducted by professional business psychologists, who provide a good balance of theory, practical insights, professionalism, and fun.

Certification Programs

MBTI® Public Certification Program

Learn how to effectively use the MBTI® instrument in a variety of ways including team building, leadership development, conflict resolution, career exploration, and much more!

MBTI® On-Site Certification Program

Save your organization valuable time and money by hosting an On-Site MBTI® Certification Program, which can be tailored to provide the tools your staff needs to begin implementing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment in your work setting.

MBTI® Master Class Series

Our MBTI Master Classes will help you drill deeper into applications of personality type to address key issues for individuals, teams and leaders. Whether you are looking to further your own understanding of type or looking to enhance the way you work with clients, our one-day workshops promise to give you the edge you're looking for.


Using the MBTI® instrument as a foundation, the Optimizing Team Performance (OTP) program offers an innovative, mix-and-match modular format that teaches you how to design and deliver workshops that best meet your clients’ team needs. The OTP Leader’s Guide, flash drive, and related materials include everything you need to introduce the MBTI assessment to team members and deliver any combination of six team-building applications modules, which include sample programs and administration emails, timelines, scripts, activities, and PowerPoint slides.

MBTI® Step II™ Certification Program

Help clients explore their preferences beyond their four letter type. The Step II provides additional information about the ways individuals develop and use their preferences by reporting results on 20 component parts of the four basic type dimensions.

MBTI® Refresh and Re-engage Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed for MBTI® Certified practitioners who wish to refresh their knowledge and skills and find out about the latest recommended approaches and supporting materials for giving individual and group feedback.


The world’s most trusted and widely used career planning tool, the Strong Interest Inventory®, continues to be the leading choice for career practitioners in helping people in their search for rich and fulfilling careers. For over 75 years, the Strong has helped people from high school and college students to mid-career individuals seeking change.


We can teach you how to effectively use a number of other psychometric instruments that we offer.

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