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making the hiring process quicker, easier & more cost-effective

You rely on your employees to bring their skills and expertise to your organization. In order to bring their best, they need to effectively manage their work environment and engage others in a purposeful and effective way. Most people who struggle in their positions don’t do so because of their technical abilities. To succeed, employees need the skills to work well with others and move tasks along.

These traits are difficult to assess during the typical recruitment process. Resumes, interviews and reference checks only provide information about a candidate’s technical abilities. Our pre-employment assessment tests go one step further by identifying soft skills and personality in an objective, standardized way.


Our employee assessment tools and advice give you clear and objective information, making any hiring decision more straightforward. Using employee pre-screening tests to inform your external and internal hiring decisions helps your organization to:

  • Quickly identify high potential candidates and top performers.
  • Lower your recruiting costs by spending less time screening applicants.
  • Identify areas for further coaching and development, resulting in higher employee engagement and retention.

Psychometrics’ employee assessment tools are ideal for hiring roles such as:

  • Front Line Retail Staff
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Technicians
  • Call Centre Employees



Choose from our aray of accurate and informative professional assessment tools:


Work Personality Index Job Match

The Work Personality Index® Job Match Assessment provides a quick, but comprehensive, measure of a candidate’s personality. Our experts will help you create benchmarks, where you can compare candidate results, enabling you to make more informed selection decisions.

Learn more about the Work Personality Index Job Match Tool >>


Employee Reliability Inventory

The Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI®) is a covert pre-employment assessment that can be used to assess a candidate’s reliability in the workplace. The ERI will help you quickly identify individuals who will be trustworthy, conscientious and courteous in the workplace.

Those who score better on the ERI tend to remain with an organization for a more extended period of time.

Learn more about the Employee Reliability Inventory Assessment >>


WorkSafe Predictor

The WorkSafe Predictor is designed to assess an individual’s internal and external motivators towards safe behaviour. This assessment can help you select individuals who will approach their work with a focus on safety. The WorkSafe Predictor assessment examines traits such as:

  • Ability to maintain focus on the task at hand
  • Willingness to adhere to operating procedures
  • The extent to which the candidate will take personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and others

Learn more about the WorkSafe Predictor Assessment >>



If you’re not sure which employee assessment tool is right for your company, our hiring experts are happy to help. Once we understand your business goals and needs, we can make the proper, customized recommendation for your organization. Contact us today and start making better hires with confidence!

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Employee Assessment Case Studies

Major Retail Chain

The Work Personality Index® assessment helps retail organizations improve hiring decisions.

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Modular Building Manufacturer

The Employee Reliability Inventory helps modular building manufacturer drastically reduce turnover.

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London Drugs

Using a Made-in-Canada solution for an efficient and secure pre-employment testing system.

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