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Key contributors are those that you rely on to bring a level of technical expertise to your organization. In doing so, they need to effectively manage their work environment and engage others in a purposeful and effective way. Because they are make-it or break-it implementers, we recognize the importance of evaluating these candidates’ technical and interpersonal skills. Our psychologists work with you to make the best hiring decision.

Ideal for roles such as Accountant, Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Financial Analyst, Buyer, etc.

Employee tests in the recruitment process

Our Process – Working with Us

  1. Based on the position, we administer a battery of assessments to measure the candidate’s personality characteristics and cognitive abilities required for success.
  2. Our psychologists debrief the results with the hiring team to mitigate risk and help them make the best possible decision.


what we measure:

Employee tests in the recruitment process

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See our work

National Airways Corporation

Finding and retaining quality staff committed to operating aircraft under difficult circumstances.

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Australian Department of Justice

The Work Personality Index® assessment gives the Department of Justice an objective measure to successfully promote Prison Officers.

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London Drugs

Using a Made-in-Canada solution for an efficient and secure pre-employment testing system.

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Australian Rules Football

Aussie Rules Football team uses the Work Personality Index® assessment to recruit for success.

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Psychometrics Canada has selection solutions that help you make better hiring decisions — at any level, for any industry or situation. Our assessments and advice give you clear and objective information, making any hiring decision easier.

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