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Building better organizations through people

Talent assessment solutions and strategic guidance to help you identify top candidates, develop potential, and enhance organizational performance.

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Psychometrics Canada offers an unmatched collection of industry recognized employee development assessments and selection tests, we can provide the right tools to address a range of organizational challenges such as team work, communication, conflict, leadership development, stress, and succession planning.

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Employee Selection

Make Your Next Hire with Confidence

Employee Selection Tests

We help organizations evaluate candidates for fit, leadership, customer service/sales potential, and safety. Clients use our pre-employment tests for talent insight to address a variety of challenges, from entry-level performance and retention to selecting their next CEO.

Employee development multicultural team working together

Empower your people to be the best

Employee Development Assessments

Our assessment tools and resources help individuals, teams and leaders achieve their greatest potential by having a deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding of others in the workplace.

Trusted Assessment Tools


We work with more than 7 000 organizations, including 84 of the top 100 companies in Canada.​


Earls stays competitive by using the TKI® tool in its leadership development program.

IBM uses MBTI Myers-Briggs Assessment


IBM uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to create a shared language that transcends national boundaries.

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Reducing turnover with an efficient
pre-employment assessment system.

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