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Career Values Scale

The Career Values Scale (CVS) is an up-to-date measure of work values, preferences and needs. These values are a part of a person’s core beliefs and give meaning to the person’s career and life. They are a useful indicator of job satisfaction and personal goals.

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Available to level A qualified

Online Reports

The Career Values Scale Report provides a graphic overview of a client’s values, examines sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction and has exercises to help them focus on achieving a balanced career.

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Use for

  • Career Directions
  • Individual Development
  • Language
    • English
    • French
    • Administration

      Time: 15 minutes
      Items: 88

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Results with Career Values Scale

Saskatchewan Government Insurance

Using the Career Interest Profiler and Career Values Scale to retain employees.

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Fleming College

Fleming College's Targeted Initiative for Older Workers program helps Baby Boomers find careers.

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