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The Work Personality Index® Job Match assessment enables you to quickly evaluate and match job candidates to an ideal profile. Used for pre-employment testing, this well researched predictive hiring tool measures 21 work related behaviors and scores applicant results against your specified job benchmarks.

There is a clear link between job satisfaction, organizational commitment, performance and retention. Every job has certain requirements to be successful, the Job Match test system helps you measure personality traits and characteristics required for success.

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benefits of using Personality Job Fit

speed up your recruitment process
use defensible criteria to quickly topgrade applicants
reduce bias
items are 100% work related for a better candidate experience

gain critical insight about your candidates

  • What is their approach to completing tasks and projects?
  • How do they prefer to interact with people and teams?
  • What is their preferred way of solving problems?
  • How do they react to and manage change?
  • Are they resilient under pressure and stress?

Identify top applicants with these key features

Personality Job Fit

Overall Job Fit Score makes topgrading candidates easy.

Ranking Traits

Traits are scored based on importance and what behaviours matter most for success.

Profile Range

The report displays candidate score vs ideal profile range on a scale of 0 - 10.

Profile Validity

You can be confident in the results with the built in Profile Validity analysis.

Detailed Descriptions

The in-depth narrative description of the candidate's workplace behaviours, helps you target areas of uncertainty in follow-up interviews.
Job Match Pre-employment assessment results
pre-employment assessment detailed descriptions

Our Process: Professionals helping professionals succeed

Psychometrics Canada’s staff industrial organizational psychologists work with you and your team to create benchmarks for the job. The process compiles information from people in your organization who understand the job and may include surveying incumbents, top performers, and supervisors to build a quality profile that is directly related to performance outcomes in that role.

Once your custom job profile is set up you can use the online assessment platform to administer candidate assessments and generate job fit reports and scores immediately.

Enterprise solutions:

If your organization uses an applicant tracking system (ATS) or HRIS, the Work Personality Index Job Match can be a valuable piece of your recruitment process automation (RPA). Talk to our experts to explore how integration can make your candidate experience seamless and reduce time to hire. 

Get started using the Job match assessment in your organization


English and French


20 mins.

administration: (online)

Start using a science based toolset as part of your pre-employment screening process to gain direct and measurable impact on your employee performance outcomes

connect with one of our Assessment experts today and make your next hire with confidence

Work Personality Index Job Match Report

Job Match Pre-employment assessment results

Work Personality Index RESOURCES

2 seconds to failure job match webinar