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webinar - reading the room: the power of self awareness

Presented by Shawn Bakker

You’ve witnessed it, been frustrated by it, maybe even been hurt by it. The person who doesn’t see the impacts they have on others.
In their defense (but not to excuse them), it is impossible for people to act intentionally when they lack insight about their own preferences, gifts, talents and tendencies.

Self-awareness is the key ingredient for individual, team, and leadership success.

Join psychologist Shawn Bakker as he dives into how organizations can leverage the MBTI® assessment to increase self-awareness and collaboration in 3 key areas:

• Productive communication
• Managing change
• Leadership development

Presented by Shawn Bakker:
Shawn is a registered psychologist and holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta. He leads the professional services team at Psychometrics Canada, and specializes in the effective use of assessments of personality, ability and judgment to help people capitalize on their talents as leader, team members and individual contributors.

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