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supercharging team dynamics webinar recording

Presented by Shawn Bakker, Psychologist

Great teams can do great work – but it doesn’t happen automatically. Effective team dynamics starts with individual self-awareness, but also requires team awareness – the clear understanding of how the team operates. This combination is what enables teams to reflect on their work and find ways to improve. In this webinar we will explore how you can supercharge the dynamics of teams in concrete, practical ways.

Insights Include:

  • The problems teams encounter when engaging in key activities.
  • How you can use aggregate team data and analytics to increase awareness.
  • Ways to provide teams with actionable insights into their strengths and challenges.
  • Tips for leaders to supercharge their teams’ dynamics.

Join us for this insightful webinar to take your team’s performance to the next level.

Presented by Shawn Bakker

Shawn leads the professional services team at Psychometrics Canada, where he specializes in the effective use of assessments to help people capitalize on their talents as leaders, team members and individual contributors. He is a registered psychologist and holds a master’s degree in counselling psychology from the University of Alberta.

View the recording: