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    Mar 17, 2020    |   Psychometrics Canada

5 Tips For Effective Digital Communication

Man Sitting in Chair at Desk Working From Home on Computer

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Written by Shawn Bakker, Lead Psychologist

1. Don’t rely on email

Email is easily misinterpreted by others. What we mean to say and how it comes across are often not the same. When you need to communicate issues that are complex or nuanced use a method of communication that is interactive (phone call, video chat).

2. Don’t over email

Most people report that receiving too many emails and unnecessary emails is overwhelming. Only email what you need to, to those who need it.

3. Clarify purpose

Make sure that the reason for your communication is clear. Are you connecting to brainstorm ideas? Are you simply checking in to make sure someone is ok? Try to avoid ambiguity and uncertainty just like you do when running meetings in person.

4.  Establish team communication channels

When working from home your communication involves much more than simply informing people of progress and tracking activities. Instead you need to debate ideas, resolve challenges and make decisions. Adopt the appropriate technological solutions that will allow you group to do this effectively, and clarify when and how they should be used.

5. Get active

Many nonverbal cues are lost in online and telephone interactions, so they need to be filled with active communication. Share your thoughts, ideas and reactions. If you are organizing the meeting solicit input from everyone involved.


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