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    Dec 04, 2015    |   Aidan Millar

A New Tool for Type Practitioners!

TrainingvideoAs a consultant who uses the MBTI® assessment for teambuilding and leadership sessions, I am always looking for new and exciting ways to introduce type to new audiences. I know how important a comprehensive but exciting introduction is, especially given that initial buy-in, self-assessment and verification is so paramount to the success of any workshop. Having a variety of tools to aid in this process is invaluable, especially given what we know about the differences amongst possible learning styles in the room.

A new product has been launched this week at Psychometrics that helps bring MBTI type concepts to life through the power of video! The 9-minute presentation is called “Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type Preferences” and is designed to help practitioners provide clients with a fun and engaging introduction to the four MBTI®preference pairs. The video uses relatable and simple real-world situations, to offer viewers a general understanding of the eight preferences, as well as the differences between them. Additionally, practitioners are also provided with a comprehensive set of facilitator’s notes and instructions as well as suggested questions and debrief notes for optional group discussions! To preview the video, learn more or order yours today, click here!

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