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    Nov 14, 2017    |   Psychometrics

Getting it Back

Originally posted by Patrick Kerwin, MBTI® Master Practitioner
Reprinted with permission from CPP, Inc.

The following post is the second part of a 2-part series on stress by Patrick Kerwin. Click here to read part 1.

stress It’s easy to think that there’s one way for everyone to use to get back to normal. Some people say you should spend time alone, others say you should talk to a friend. However, different techniques work for different types:

 ISTJ & ISFJ: These two types really need some alone time, and really need to get something simple done. So take lots of quiet time to reflect, prioritize what needs to be done, and accomplish a task that is easy for you to complete.

INTJ & INFJ: These two types also need some alone time but also doing something sensory. So do something by yourself that engages your senses, such as working outside, reading a book, watching a movie, or doing a craft.

ISTP & INTP: Of all the types, these two types really need to get away from it all. So give yourself time away from the people or situation causing the stress. Make some alone time.

ISFP & INFP: These two types crave time in a relaxing or soothing environment. Get out in nature or do some other activity that relaxes you. Spend some alone time reflecting or meditating.

ESTP & ESFP: These two types just want to get away from the stress. Do an activity you like that distracts you from the stressor. Then, figure out what needs to be done to address the stressor, and get started on doing it.

ENFP & ENTP: These two types uncharacteristically need some quiet time, or time with a person they feel really safe with. Take the space you need to reflect and refocus, or talk to a close friend.

ESTJ & ENTJ: These two types appreciate talking it through and will then retreat to think it through on their own. Talk it out with a trusted friend. Engage in physical activity. Take some time alone to think of a new approach to the stressor.

ESFJ & ENFJ: These two types value talking it through, and then will reflect to think it through. Talk to someone who will be supportive. Take some time alone to reflect on the stressor and to find some other ways to address it.


Often when we’re stressed, others aren’t sure of the right way to help, or they try to help in a way that works for them. So here’s something that applies to all types: When you’re stressed out and trying to get back to normal, tell people what you need! Knowing what’s right for your type will help you “get it back” even sooner!


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