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    Jun 12, 2018    |   Psychometrics Canada

Capstone Project with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

As part of the Digital Media program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), students must complete a Capstone Project in their final year. The Capstone Project requires them to work with a local company to create animated assets.

Psychometrics Canada partnered with NAIT to be one of the Capstone “clients,” seeing this as an ideal opportunity not only to tell the Psychometrics story in a unique way, but also to work with the next generation of their community. Fifteen students chose to work on four separate projects with the company.

Once the content for the videos was decided, the students requested descriptions of the kind of characters that should be animated. Psychometrics provided MBTI® type descriptions from Introduction to Type in Organizations to help build out the personalities within each video.



The NAIT students took up the challenge to convey Psychometrics’ business solutions in a compelling way. Moving from rough sketches and vague storylines to fully animated scenes with refined scripts, the below animations are the result of a months- long process of hard work, innovation, and collaboration from the business and students alike.


Watch each video and learn a bit more about Psychometrics Canada.

Psychometrics Canada would like to thank NAIT for its participation in this project, as well as all of the students and faculty involved who helped make this project possible.

To see all four videos, visit the full article.


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