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    Mar 29, 2016    |   Aidan Millar

An In-Depth Look: ISFP


Characteristics of ISFP
Composing about 9% of the general population, ISFPs are known to embrace the present moment and enjoy having the time and freedom to do so. They avoid routine, but will work with energy and dedication to meet obligations and responsibilities, particularly when these tasks align with their personal values. While ISFPs are slow to develop relationships with others, once they do, they are loyal to these connections. Their respect, commitment and loyalty is often expressed spontaneously in quiet ways.

Important ISFP Contributions
ISFPs are trusting, kind and find it natural to give others space, time and freedom to explore on their own terms. For this reason, they bring a unique style of hands-off, empowering motivation to teams they find themselves on, and others often describe ISFP teammates and considerate and gentle in their approach. ISFPs are conscientious and loyal, and have a keen eye for considering the realistic, practical and factual side of things that others may overlook while remaining flexible enough to adjust for multiple needs or changes moving forward. In general, ISFPs tend to be quiet and unassuming and therefore, their contributions may be overlooked particularly by individuals who have not taken the time to develop understand their ISFP ISFP Contributions Pitfalls counterparts.

Some Blind Spots
Because they would rather observe and support rather than organize or dominate, ISFPs may be underestimated by others and may even underrate the importance of their own skills. This may limit their ability to maintain visibility when it’s important for them to do so, while eventually leading to frustration if they are not aware of these perceptions. Furthermore, due to their natural focus on individual values and catering to them in the immediate moment, ISFPs may reject or overlook logic in their decision making, and may not recognize the wider ramifications of their specific and immediate decisions.


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