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    May 08, 2015    |

What makes You Tick?

Since our personality types have been shown to affect so much of our lives, it is only natural that they also impact what drives us at work. In general, each type is energized and drained by different things. Understanding what they are not only helps us find enjoyment in our work, but it can help colleagues and leaders anticipate and accommodate each others’ needs.  The following list outlines a few of the drivers for each type. This list is not all-inclusive but I hope to provide a starting point!

The SJs: The Traditionalists

ISTJs – driven by accountability, productivity and the bottom line
ISFJs – committed to helping others and enjoying others’ success
ESTJs – motivated by structure, rules, and clear expectations
ESFJs – motivated to please others; want to validate and be validated

The SPs: The Experiencers

ESTPs – want to be engaged in a fun, challenging process
ISTPs – prefer working with objects, and physical activities
ESFPs- performers who enjoy surprising and entertaining people
ISFPs – easy-going, and low key, like encouraging others

The NFs: The Idealists

ENFJs – energized by social interaction and working with others
INFJs – directed toward bettering the human condition
ENFPs – energized by new ideas and possibilities
INFPs – like being immersed in personally meaningful projects

The NTs: The Conceptualizers

ENTJs – energetic people who want to take charge
INTJs – achieving competence and solving complex problems
ENTPs – desire interacting with people and using their creativity
INTPs – energized by creativity and working out problems

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