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    Sep 25, 2015    |   Aidan Millar

It’s our Blog Birthday!




This past week marked the official first anniversary of the launch of the Psychometrics Canada Blog! It’s been a busy yet wonderful year, and in honour of our first birthday, I wanted to present a re-cap of some of our more popular blog entries from 2014-2015!


Our first ever blog post:
S and N: Do Unto Others…



Most viewed Blog Posts:

Refine your Resume the S-N-T-F Way!

Did Little Red Riding Hood have an S Preference?

Dial-Up Modem: An E Blindspot

Escaping the Grip: The Auxiliary Function

Leaders, What are you Putting out there?

Type and Career Choice: Where do I go from here?

Making it Meaningful: The “What” to the “Now What”?

What’s your “Type” of Vacation? birthdaypenguin

Inner Landscapes: Type through Visual Art


Thank you to all of our readers and subscribers for making this year a great success! Please continue to follow our posts and contribute to the growing body of discussions and comments. The MBTI Junction wouldn’t be the same without you.

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