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    Apr 21, 2021    |   Psychometrics Canada

Using Personality Type to Guide Career Exploration

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Written by Psychometrics Canada

Last week in our blog we highlighted our recent research on what it takes to be successful working from home.  For some people, events of this past year have either forced a job change or inspired them to start considering a new path.  While the work environment may have been altered, the process of career exploration, applying for jobs, and going through interviews is not that different – although much of it is now virtual!

If you are assisting clients in career exploration, or thinking about a new direction yourself, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) can highlight some preferred approaches and strategies for people with preferences for Sensing and Intuition.


Ways to help Sensing and Intuitive Types with career Exploration


For clients with a preference for Sensing:
For clients with a preference for Intuition:
  • When generating options, include realistic and practical work choices that are linked to their experiences.
  • When generating options, include many options from a broad range of work areas.
  • Review and find ideas from existing lists of work options rather than using a brainstorming approach.
  • Use brainstorming, imagining, and visioning possibilities; lists of options may be starting points but can seem limiting.
  • Focus on realities when generating options; they may need to broaden their options and imagine unfamiliar options.
  • Focus on the future when generating options; they may need to narrow their options and be more realistic in their approach.
  • When doing research, help them find relevant facts and details about the work.
  • When doing research, help them find general information about how the work links to other opportunities.


You can find more tips and suggestions like the one above in Donna Dunning’s book; Type and Career Development

Type and career development book for career exploration

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