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    Nov 07, 2023    |   Camille Labrie

Team Dynamics Breakout Activity

team dynamics group activity

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Written by Psychometrics


Let’s take a look at how a breakout activity can be used alongside Team Dynamics to facilitate discussion and steps towards improved performance.

In this example the group was dominated by Extraverted Visionaries: outgoing communicators who focus on concepts and dreams for the future.

The lone Reflective Realist regularly found themselves talked over, despite their often-practical fact based approach.

Team Dynamics helped these leaders better understand the need to stay present, pay closer attention to details and provide more opportunities for others to share and participate.

Breakout Activity Case Study

As a facilitator or team lead ask these questions:

Which style appears the most within the group? Which style appears the least? Are there any styles not represented?

Look at the Strengths section for each represented style. Is the strength something that the group harnesses? Is it something that could be harnessed?

extraverted visionaries description

Look at the Challenges section for each represented style. Is this a challenge that impacts the group?

reflective Realists description

For the identified underutilized strengths and potential challenges, identify a recommendation in the “Improvement” section that can help team performance.

reflective visionaries description