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    Jul 04, 2016    |   Aidan Millar

Creating a Resume: The S-N-T-F Way!

refine-your-resume Whether you’re applying for your first job, or you’re looking to make a needed change into something new, having a shiny resume that truly sets you apart can be a daunting task. Most of the time, you have one chance to grab that much-coveted interview, and resumes are often as variable as the people who write – or read – them. We may never get consensus regarding the “Ideal resume”, but I argue that similar to the ‘key to effective communication’ we cover in many of our MBTI  sessions, covering S-N-T and F information may bring you closer. By including these aspects, you stand a better chance of giving your reader what they want to hear (particularly in the absence of knowing what the HR director’s preferences are!). Additionally, having a S-N-T-F checklist (this one’s for you, my J preferences!) helps ensure your cover letter and resume are as complete and comprehensive as possible.

On your next cover letter and subsequent resume, remember to include:

S – The Verifiable facts
*Contact information
*What position you’re applying for
*Experience (including length tenure and job description/responsibilities)
*Pertinent volunteer experience
*Awards/recognition/scholarships (Remember: Ss want you to PROVE you’re capable!)

N – The bigger picture
*Why you’re applying – the objective of the application
*How and why you fit their organization group-42917_1280 (2)
*Future growth possibilities – what you hope to bring to organization in the long term strategic sense

T – Logical “Pro’s”
*Benefits of hiring you for their organization– keep bottom line in mind!
*Solutions to current problems you hope to bring
*How you’re the right choice given your credentials and experience

F – Values and Personal Endeavours
*The importance of the role to you (a human voice goes a long way)
*Why you admire the organization
*Personal attributes you believe are beneficial (i.e teamplayer, dedicated, tenacious)

Now, go get that interview!

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