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    Aug 23, 2023    |   Psychometrics Canada

Using Personality Type to Guide Career Exploration

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Written by Psychometrics Canada

In a recent blog post we highlighted our research on what it takes to be successful working from home.  For some people, events of the past few years have either forced a job change or inspired them to start considering a new path.  While the work environment may look different than it did a few years ago, the process of career exploration, applying for jobs, and going through interviews is not that different.

If you are assisting clients in career exploration, or thinking about a new direction yourself, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) can highlight some preferred approaches and strategies for people with preferences for Sensing and Intuition.


Ways to help Sensing and Intuitive Types with career Exploration

For clients with a preference for Sensing:
For clients with a preference for Intuition:
  • When generating options, include realistic and practical work choices that are linked to their experiences.
  • When generating options, include many options from a broad range of work areas.
  • Review and find ideas from existing lists of work options rather than using a brainstorming approach.
  • Use brainstorming, imagining, and visioning possibilities; lists of options may be starting points but can seem limiting.
  • Focus on realities when generating options; they may need to broaden their options and imagine unfamiliar options.
  • Focus on the future when generating options; they may need to narrow their options and be more realistic in their approach.
  • When doing research, help them find relevant facts and details about the work.
  • When doing research, help them find general information about how the work links to other opportunities.


Find more tips and suggestions like the ones above in Donna Dunning’s book; Type and Career Development

Type and career development book for career exploration

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