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    Jun 04, 2020    |   Psychometrics Canada

Communicating and Connecting with Others – Type Tips for Virtual Engagement

Written by Shawn Bakker, Lead Psychologist


Effective communication involves recognizing and making adjustments for your audience. It sounds easy but appears to be difficult for people to do. Our 2020 People Trends Report found that the most common pitfall of leaders in organizations is poor communication. The data shows that it isn’t even close; it is the unfortunate runaway winner of leadership difficulties.

And it is not just leaders. I have no reason to doubt that the rest of us also struggle communicating effectively. The shift to more virtual connections only exacerbates the problem. The cues that we may have used to adjust to our audience when meeting them in person are no longer available.

Last week I conducted a virtual MBTI Certification Program for the first time. What surprised me the most is that while the method for delivering the program changed, the people did not. The group still wanted to learn about themselves, learn about others, and find ways to help people recognize and develop their potential. By using breakout rooms, chats and whiteboards, there were opportunities to connect with others, share ideas, and re-learn the importance of considering our audience.

I am sure that you are in the same boat. You may be interacting with people using technology much more than before, but the people, and what they need, has not changed. And so the considerations for effective communication haven’t changed either – knowing and adjusting to your audience remains just as important now as it did before.

Here are some personality type tips that you can use to better connect with others and develop a shared understanding:

  1. Provide immediate feedback and verbal acknowledgement – connects with E’s
  2. Provide some information ahead of time and allow time for processing – connects with I’s
  3. Present information sequentially – connects with S’s
  4. Show the future possibilities of your ideas – connects with N’s
  5. Support your ideas with logical reasoning – connects with T’s
  6. Avoid critiquing and evaluating when you are listening – connects with F’s
  7. Provide structure and clear expectations – connects with J’s
  8. Avoid making decisions too quickly, seek more information before deciding – connects with P’s

Often, we don’t know the personality type of others. But if you can incorporate these 8 tips into your approach, you will be well on your way to providing others with what they need to understand your message.

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