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    Jan 26, 2021    |   Psychometrics Canada

3 Benefits of Using FIRO® Assessments

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Written by Justin Deonarine, I/O Psychologist

A fresh perspective for individuals, teams, and leaders

Despite the shift to working from home independently and communicating virtually, collaboration and teamwork is still a key factor in workplace success. However, individuals and leaders are often unaware of the impacts of their actions when working with others.


I like to use the FIRO® with individuals, teams and leaders because it provides a fresh perspective that isn’t found in other assessment tools. It helps people understand their interpersonal needs, and how those needs influence communication style and behavior.


1. Uncovering mixed messages Female employees working together

  • When interacting with others, clients may be giving mixed messages about their willingness to engage, influence and form close relationships with others. The FIRO assessment suite can help them recognize their public personas (through which they may be sending these mixed messages), and help to adapt their behaviours and build stronger relationships with those around them. For leaders especially, their success depends on the ability and willingness to connect with others.


2. Shifting from transactional relationships to meaningful relationships

  • Look at the relationships between others outside of the team (such as peers, clients or vendors). Are they transactional? If so, they may be creating hurdles to build long-lasting relationships. Why are these relationships transactional? Is it the way they interact with others? These relationships can change but their approach need to be examined first. The FIRO assessment suite can help highlight necessary changes to build long-lasting relationships.


3. A good extension of models you are already familiar with

  • What happens when your clients have been introduced and made progress developing self-awareness? What can they work on next? The FIRO assessment suite pairs well with other assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs® and the Work Personality Index®. It provides a different lens for the individual, and allows them to continue their development efforts in an area beyond self-awareness.


What kind of positive impact could a new perspective for the individuals, teams, and leaders you work with make in your organization? How do you see improvements relationships and communication at work benefiting your clients?


Learn how to use the powerful insights of FIRO at the upcoming Certification Program I’m hosting. I hope to see you there.

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