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        May 13, 2020    |   Psychometrics Canada

    Under Pressure

    Using Type to Help Leaders and Virtual Teams Overcome Stress

    Written and Interview by Mark Fitzsimmons, President


    For this month’s blog, we catch up with Jolene Watson from Clarity Coaching and Development to discuss:

    • the high stress levels that leaders and teams are currently facing in the virtual work environment
    • her use of the MBTI Stress Management Report with clients to better understand personality type under pressure
    • three helpful questions you can use in your next session with individuals and work-groups experiencing stress




    We have had a lot of inquiries in the last 8 weeks regarding type resources related to stress.  While most practitioners are familiar with the booklet In the Grip, there is a report you can easily administer and provide to clients remotely.  The MBTI Stress Management Report details the signs of stress for an individual’s type, describes the impact of stress on personality characteristics, provides do’s and don’ts for handling stress and leveraging natural strengths, and suggests approaches for tapping others for support.