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    Apr 09, 2019    |   Psychometrics Canada

Diversity and Communication

Written by Shawn Bakker, Lead Psychologist


One important component required for diverse groups to be able to work inclusively is communication. Each person has their own communication style and preferences – yet effective communication relies on an individual being able to adjust their style to meet the communication needs of their teammates.

Personality type includes information about the preferred communication styles of each type and areas of frequent misunderstanding between people of different types. The MBTI® instrument both affirms an individual’s natural style and identifies ways he/she can modify that style to be more effective. At the organizational level, understanding people’s different communication needs can provide a structure for analyzing and modifying a company’s style of communicating with employees and/or with clients.

To be an effective communicator, consider making a few adjustments to your natural approach to make sure that you cover each of the bases below.

Doing the following…

Helps you connect with…

Taking time to talk things over Extraverts
Giving people the opportunity to think things through Introverts
Including specific data about who, what, when, where, why and how of the current situation Sensors
Providing the big picture and future vision Intuitives
Describing the logic behind your ideas, along with the pros and cons of the various alternatives you have considered Thinking
Discussing the values and personal factors that are involved Feelers
Giving clear goals and timelines Judgers
Staying open to gather and analyze new information Perceivers


For additional tips on how each personality type can more effectively get their point across and become a better listener, download our client resource here:

Getting Your Point Across