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    Dec 15, 2016    |   Aidan Millar

It’s our 40th Anniversary!

The year 1976: Steve Wozniak creates the first Apple computer, the CN Tower’s construction is finished, and Nadia Comaneci records the first perfect 10 score at the Montréal Summer Olympics. And, across the country in Edmonton, a company is born: Psychometrics Canada is founded by Dr. George Fitzsimmons, a professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta.


Here at Psychometrics Canada, We are honoured to be celebrating our 40th year of operation. In these 40 years, we have seen tremendous growth, ingenuity and change. And as a pivotal part of our company’s history, we wanted to reach out commemorate this occasion by thanking you, our MBTI community.

We have been distributing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator since the 1980s, and have been the sole proprietor of the valuable assessment in Canada since 2006. Incumbent within these milestones is not only the opportunity to witness the transformation the tool provides – across industries, organizations and individuals – but they remind us how grateful we are to be a part of a community at large. A growing, evolving one full of dedicated, talented and successful type practitioners who continue to be a part of the company’s history and legacy. Thank you for being not only our clients – but our partners.

For an idea of our rich history…

  • 1976 – Family business founded by Dr. George Fitzsimmons, a professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta
  • 1979-2005 – Partnered with Canadian Test Centre as their research and scoring service for the K-12 Canadian Achievement Test
  • 1980s – Partnered with Stanford University to bring the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment to Canada. Developed a Canadian version
  • 1980s – Began distributing the MBTI® assessment in Canada
  • 1990 – Developed the French Canadian version of the MBTI Form G
  • 1991 – Developed the French Canadian version of the Strong Interest Inventory assessment
  • 2001 – Published the Work Personality Index® assessment
  • 2002 – Published the Career Interest Profiler and Career Values Scale
  • 2001 – Launched, one of the first online testing platforms for psychological assessment
  • 2001 – Wins Alberta e-business of the year
  • 2006 – Became the only authorized distributor of the MBTI, Strong and FIRO-B® instruments in Canada
  • 2008 – Dr. George Fitzsimmons retires. Business is taken over by his son Mark Fitzsimmons
  • 2012 – Psychometrics Canada acquires Westgroup Solutions, a boutique assessment firm specializing in recruitment and selection
  • 2016 – Celebrates 40 years

From all of us here at Psychometrics Canada, we would like to thank you again for helping us have a prosperous first forty years, and here’s to the next forty!

If you have any questions whatsoever about your continued use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or would like to chat about any of the other services and products we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.