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    Jan 20, 2022    |   Camille Labrie

MBTI Complete – Focus on the “A-Ha” Moment

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Written by Shawn Bakker, Psychologist

The best workshops are those where you can provide the “a-ha” moments, showing how MBTI type can provide insights to real improvements. On February 1st we will be releasing MBTI®Complete, a new version of the MBTI instrument that allows you to dive into type insight and applications right away.

What is the MBTI Complete?

MBTI Complete is an online, all-in-one assessment and introduction to personality type. Each administration includes the following:

  • MBTI assessment – choose from the shorter Step I™ or more in-depth Step II™ assessments. Invite your respondents to take the assessment online when it’s most convenient for them.
  • Interactive learning session – an introduction to the MBTI framework and core concepts to cement understanding and identify their best-fit type.
  • Results and reports – your respondents get their own MBTI Type Description Report. You get a deeper Step I Profile detailing their results.
Why Choose the MBTI Complete?
  • You save time and admin work, avoid dealing with scheduling issues, and can facilitate sessions to larger groups.
  • Participants come to your session ready to dive into issues and applications right away.
  • You can focus on exploring the pain points of your group, making the session even more impactful for them.
  • Your participants leave with a greater understanding of type in action.

Join us on January 27th for our webinar where we will explore how you can use MBTI Complete to make your programs more flexible, scalable and provide greater depth.

Your Essential Introduction to the New MBTI Global Assessment & MBTI Complete

January 27, 1:00 PM EST
Attend this 45-minute webinar to:
  • Explore the changes – including an overview of the MBTI® Global Step I™ and Step II™ questionnaire, new Probability Index, MBTI manuals and support materials.
  • Learn how can you save time and provide more value to your workshop participants with MBTI® Complete. MBTI Complete enables self-directed interpretation, giving participants their verified type and reviewing MBTI type concepts online. Your participants come to your session already prepared to dive into the insights and actionable learning you want to focus on. They’ve got the basics and are ready to participate in the program.
  • Ask your questions during the live Q&A.

Can’t make the live webinar? Register anyway and we’ll email you the recording.

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