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    Jan 15, 2016    |   Aidan Millar

Why Millions Use the MBTI

hockey Wayne Gretzky. The Great One. The gold standard for aspiring hockey all-stars. Yet, like any other athletic superstar, Gretzky inevitably encountered physical age compounded with the insurgence of up and coming young talent. So, in 1993, the Great One retired.

In many ways, the MBTI® instrument can be thought of as the Wayne Gretzky of developmental assessments. With over 2 million people completing it each year, and with its vast array of organizational and personal applications, the tool is in peak form. However, unlike Number 99, the MBTI assessment is – and should be- very far from retirement. As type practitioners, it is our challenge to present the value of the MBTI instrument against a backdrop of increasing competition and skepticism, and in this short video, CPP’s Director of Research, Richard Thompson, PhD, talks about why people are drawn to the MBTI assessment and how it helps people increase their self-awareness and provides useful insights that they can apply to their everyday life. This can not only provide great language for explaining the value of the instrument to potential clients, but also re-affirms that we as practitioners represent something reliable, valid and valuable. What a great reminder for this, the beginning of 2016!