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    Jan 17, 2018    |   Camille Labrie

Contributions All Types Can Make to Change

confusion-311388_1280 (2) People experience change differently from one another. While change can be challenging or stressful to navigate, teams and organizations can maximize their chance of success if they cater to various needs while also benefiting from the natural strengths that individuals can bring during times of transition.
Donna Dunning, author, consultant and teacher of the MBTI® instrument talks about four unique change perspectives as they relate to type preferences: Preserving (SJs), Performing (SPs), Predicting (NTs) and Promoting (NFs). By identifying and understanding these perspectives, we can become aware of, understand, appreciate, accommodate and incorporate the strengths of ourselves and others when initiating important change.

As you – and your organization – evolve, consider how well you are meeting the needs of different individuals, and consider how you can better capitalize on all four of the change perspectives.

Preserving (SJ)
Strengths during times of change:

Safeguarding the knowledge gained through past experiencestime-608876_1280 (2)

Ensuring that what has worked well in the past is not dismissed

Acting as knowledgeable historians; sharing past reasons for current practice

Defining roles, rules structures, tasks, procedures and policies for implementation

Avoiding repetition of past mistakes

Following through and managing the details of a transition

Completing tasks and making sure the change moves forward as planned

hand-307163_1280 (2)


Performing (SP)
Strengths during times of change:

Ensuring change is practical or useful

Finding new ways to adapt the change process

Trouble-shooting implementation problems

Acting on the change immediately

Setting the stage by being willing to try things that are different

Diffusing tension with humour and playfulness


thinking-outside-the-box-33399_1280 (2) Predicting (NT)
Strengths during times of change:

Ensuring the change is strategic and reasonable

Looking for ways to improve and refine the change

Seeing and analyzing strategic and systemic results

Aligning change with broader organizational and business goals

Critiquing, questioning and examining ways change could be problematic

Investigating and assessing possible outcomes and consequences

Promoting (N
hands-220163_1280 (2) F)
Strengths during times of change:

    • Ensuring the change adds value and is meaningful to people
    • Acknowledging, respecting and accommodating individual needs
    • Focusing on developmental opportunities for others
    • Considering impact of the change on those involved
    • Monitoring the organizational climate and morale during change
    • Working with others to deal with possible negative effects of change


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