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    May 24, 2016    |   Aidan Millar

Type and Motivation: What makes you Tick?

successhsawdows Since our personality types have been shown to affect so much of our lives, it is only natural that they also impact what drives us at work. In general, each type is energized by different things, and one way of understanding what might be naturally motivating for us is becoming aware of our temperaments. Type temperament that arises from 4 combinations of preferences can be conceptualized as the inborn and life-course persistent motivators that help motivate behaviour. According to Keirsey and Bates (1995), temperament drives behaviour because behaviour is the mechanism by which we attain what we must have. For this reason, temperament relates closely with what we value most, how satisfied we are, or how stressed we become. If our needs – or motivators – are being met, satisfaction abounds. By the same token, anxiety and tension arises from a non-fulfillment these same needs. Being aware of our temperament can therefore help recognize – and optimize – what brings us well-being both personally and professionally while also working to minimize potential stress. Moreover, by being more aware of your colleagues’ temperaments, perhaps you can better understand how to accommodate their needs as well.

The following list outlines a few of the drivers for each type. This list is not inclusive and only provides a flavor for the motivators of each type. As you read through the list, or if you are looking to facilitate a related activity with groups, it helps to ask the following:
1) Am I getting enough of what I need to remain engaged/motivated? Do I need voice any needs more often?
2) Are others who are different from myself receiving what they need to be energized?
3) What can this team do differently to ensure we are all motivated in our departments, teams and organization?

The SJ’s: The Traditionalists
ISTJs – driven by accountability, productivity and the bottom line
ISFJs –  faces committed to helping others and enjoying other’s success
ESTJs –  motivated by structure, rules, and clear expectations
ESFJs – sensitive people who want to please and be liked

The SPs: The Experiencers
ESTPs – want to be engaged in a fun, challenging process
ISTPs –  prefer working with objects, and physical activities thinking-outside-the-box-33399_1280 (2)
ESFPs- performers who enjoy surprising and entertaining people
ISFPs –  easy-going, and low key, like encouraging others

The NFs: The Idealists
ENFJs – energized by social interaction and working with others
INFJs – directed toward bettering the human condition
ENFPs – energized by new ideas and possibilities
INFPs – like being immersed in personally meaningful projects

The NTs: The Conceptualizers
ENTJs – energetic people who want to take charge
INTJs – achieving competence and solving complex problems
ENTPs – desire interacting with people and using their creativity
INTPs – energized by creativity and working out problems