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    Aug 02, 2017    |   Camille Labrie

An In-Depth Look: ENFJ

MBTI type tableCharacteristics of ENFJ

At 2.5% of the population, ENFJ’s are one of the more rare personality types, but you will definitely recognize them through their energy, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in others. ENFJ’s are very attuned to others, and display high levels of warmth, compassion and support. When you combine their keen understanding of others’ needs and concerns, with their desire to make things better, ENFJ’s can be very persuasive.

Important ENFJ Contributions

enfj word cloud

ENFJ’s are upbeat and enthusiastic, and enjoy working with people and building consensus among those with very diverse motives and desires. They naturally provide support and encouragement to others, and display strong interpersonal skills. As a result, they are often a sounding board for others who seek them out for advice, inspiration, and to discuss possibilities for moving forward. ENFJ’s are also great communicators of corporate values and tie their work activities directly to these values, seeing them as primary guiding principles. As leaders they are quite responsive to the needs of their followers, and they strive to inspire change that benefits people.

Some Blind Spots

ENFJ’s can be loyal to a fault, and may have a hard time admitting to and dealing with problems with people they care about. They can also be incredibly self-critical and feel undeserving of the accolades and recognition they receive from others. When others do not respond to their ideas, or value the need to support and develop others as strongly as they do, ENFJ’s can become quite upset.

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