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    Dec 19, 2014    |   Psychometrics

Festive Type Triggers

Does Personality Type influence what triggers our Holiday Spirit? Here’s what we discovered with our fun, short survey which was administered to 294 of our Canadian Type Practitioners. Notice we’ve taken some creative liberties and are going to hypothesize based on a few assumptions – all in good fun of course!


Our survey found that…

27% of Extraverts – specifically ESFPs  – reported that their Christmas Spirit is triggered by Christmas Shopping while only 9% of Introverts do (notably INTJs with only 4% excitement rate). This may seem natural; what could be more ‘environmentally stimulating’ than battling crowds in a mall full of lights and sounds? Meanwhile, the INTJs are quick to see patterns in external events and may quickly see the pattern between Christmas shopping and January credit card bills all too clearly!

What about that tree? According to our survey, again the Extraverts get the greatest kick from the process of tree decorating (68%), which really puts them in the Holiday mood especially amongst our ENFJs (79%). Their INFJ counterparts could reportedly do without, or are much excited by other things (37%). Surprisingly, the Holiday work parties do not appeal as much as expected to our socially-inclined extraverts (11%). Perhaps by December, our extraverts are simply tired of extraverting, or perhaps they`re already in full-holiday-mode by the time those cocktails come around. For those who do enjoy parties, the ENTJs report the most excitement around these events (21%) perhaps due to the opportunity to connect, network and lay strategic groundwork for the New Year! present-150291_1280-2

The first snowfall reportedly has a larger effect on Introvert’s Christmas Spirit (43%) than Extraverts (33%). There’s something about curling up in front of a fire with a cozy pair of slippers and a warm fire that particularly appeals to the inwardly-rejuvenated. Time for a good book, perhaps!

N’s were far more likely to indicate that their Christmas Spirit is triggered by Christmas decorations and displays at stores (39%) versus S’s (22%). Perhaps because to N’s, these things are symbolic of things to come while for S’s, the stores bring back some buyer’s remorse from last year!

INFJ’s (52%), who seek meaning and connection through ideas, values and relationships were the type most likely to have their Christmas spirit reportedly triggered by children’s enthusiasm about Christmas. Alternatively, INTJ’s (23%) who are often more skeptical and independent in their thinking, reported the least likelihood to be affected by these same squeals of joy. ESFJ’s (79%), who thrive on the feeling of harmony in their environment, are the type that is most likely to have their Christmas Spirit triggered by hearing familiar Christmas carols.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell us: what really puts you in the holiday spirit?

Whatever your type, and whatever puts you in the festive mood, myself and everyone at Psychometrics Canada would like to wish all our MBTI partners and Blog readers every joy this holiday season.

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