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    Dec 13, 2022    |   Psychometrics Canada

‘Tis the Season: Holiday Stress and Personality Type


holiday stress

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Written by Psychometrics Canada

As exciting as the holidays are, they can be stressful for a variety of reasons. However, by understanding your type preferences, specifically as they relate to S-N and T-F, you may be able to minimize these effects.

Here’s a quick tip sheet of “Resources and Remedies” to help manage holiday stress based on your personality type.

Sensing vs Intuition

Sensing Types

  • Ignore or avoid distractions while working
  • Organize and accomplish small projects
  • Ask for help with priorities
  • Ask for help in identifying possibilities and options
  • Get away and spend time alone in a pleasant Sensing environment

Intuitive Types

  • Schedule in “unscheduled” time
  • Accept help with overwhelming details
  • Set boundaries
  • Plan or make lists to avoid unwelcome surprises
  • Prioritize tasks and delegate to others

Thinking vs Feeling

Thinking Types

  • Take time alone to regain control
  • Seek out quiet emotional support from trusted others
  • Engage in physical activity
  • Disengage from stressful situations
  • Resist pervasive inner fears

Feeling Types

  • Refocus on what is right, rather than what is wrong
  • Take time for fun and engage in relaxing activities
  • Reflect or meditate on your personal values and priorities
  • Talk things through with an un-involved person
  • Have time alone for as long as needed


*Excerpted from In the Grip: Understanding Type, Stress, and the Inferior Function. Click here for product information.

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