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    Dec 08, 2016    |   Aidan Millar

Type and Holiday Shopping: Cheer or Chore?

‘Tis two weeks until Christmas, and lights are a-glow, Christmas music is playing, the streets are covered in snow (for some of us!). christmas-145319_1280-2
While some feel the pressure as the time draws more near, this is also the holiday others look forward to all year!
When it comes to the shopping, you’ll also find mixed reviews – cheer or a chore, what is it to you?

According to a Psychometrics Canada survey done in 2013, our preferences may have something to do with our affinity for this Christmas tradition of hitting the stores and stocking up. In fact, 27% of Extraverts – specifically ESFPs  – reported that their Christmas Spirit is triggered by Christmas Shopping while only 9% of Introverts do (notably INTJs with only 4% excitement rate). Clearly, some of us find Christmas shopping stimulating while others – do not. Furthermore, our partners at OPP found the style of how we shop to also be type-related: their research showed that 40% of people with a Perceiving preference are likely to still be shopping on Christmas Eve!
To improve the ease of the shopping experience for every type – and for everyone they may be buying for this year – we have come up with these guidelines for each of the 16 four-letter MBTI types, given their style while also keeping the potentially unique needs of their loved ones in mind. Of course, take these with a grain of salt and remember: the best part of the Holidays is not about what is received, but about whom you spend them with. Good luck out there, my fellow MBTI®-ers!


Graphic provided by OPP.

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