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MBTI® Certification Training, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Master Class Training, and MBTI® Step II Training available.

Why an On-Site Program?

In-house training meets several organizational objectives:

  • Reduce training costs and minimize travel for your staff members
  • Tailor program schedules to your organization’s needs
  • Work with trainers experienced in successful type applications in settings similar to yours
  • Build your training team as you develop your organization’s type expertise
  • Target specific organizational applications via an optional 5th day of training or consultation

We provide in-house training for organizations wanting to train 10 or more people.

What does a four-day On-Site MBTI Certification Program include?

The components are the same as in the public qualifying workshops. An in-house program can be scheduled for four consecutive days or in another format that will meet your organization and staff needs. Each day typically requires eight hours of course time. All participants must attend the training in its entirety.

What other training resources are available for companies?

Organizations may also want to schedule workshops on advanced applications of the Myers-Briggs® assessment and Step II, either in conjunction with an in-house qualifying training or as separate sessions. We will tailor the applications program to provide the tools your staff needs to begin implementing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® in your work setting. Companies commonly request and receive one of the following specific applications:

  • Building teams and enhancing team effectiveness
  • Improving communication
  • Facilitating organizational change programs
  • Contributing to staff’s skill and career development
  • Developing leadership and management competency
  • Developing and modifying training strategies
  • Using the MBTI Step II


Ernst & Young
Ontario Ministry of Education
General Accident Insurance
Right Management


For more information email or phone 1-800-661-5158 x227.