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Take your expertise of the Myers-Briggs® assessment to the next level.

Our MBTI® Master Classes will help you drill deeper into applications of personality type to address key issues for individuals, teams, and leaders.

Whether you are looking to further your own understanding of type or are looking to enhance the way you work with clients, our one-day workshops promise to give you the edge you’re looking for.

This is a great opportunity to connect, learn from, and network with other MBTI professionals in your area.


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Session Descriptions:


This workshop will deepen understanding of MBTI type theory, profile and explain you conflict mode styles using the TKI® Conflict Mode Instrument and improve your skills for assessing conflict situations and selecting appropriate strategies to handle them in individual and team contexts.

type and change

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment as a foundation, this Master Class will address change using the lens of personality preferences. Participants will become equipped with various tools necessary to influence, communicate and navigate change more effectively by understanding the diverse needs of individuals and the complexities involved with proper change implementation.

Using Type to Optimize Leadership

This workshop focuses on the impact personality preferences and type dynamics play on natural leadership style – how we lead, what we value, and how we may be perceived by those around us. Gain the tools necessary to help leaders optimize their effectiveness through interactive activities and insightful action plans.

Using Type to Navigate Conflict

At work, people don’t always get along. This workshop will focus on how our individual personality impacts how we perceive, react to, and handle conflict at work. Participants will learn how to help individuals, teams and leaders recognize their own conflict handling style, how they differ from others in this regard, and most importantly, how to react to conflict more effectively using the tools of Type.

Type and Stress

Personality preferences can not only help us identify sources of stress, but also what form our stress reactions take.  Understanding the dynamic nature of personality type can help individuals and teams anticipate, prevent, and constructively mitigate stress at work through valuable insights and action plans.

using type to solve communication problems

Learn type-based assumptions and expectations about the purpose of interactions, pace and content of conversations, and the results we are seeking from communications. This workshop provides insights and strategies for improving interactions and solving communication problems.

Career Paths – Personality Type and Career Direction

Use personality type to identify, understand, and accommodate differences in how individuals move through the steps and stages of career and personal development. Leverage career applications of the personal type model that go beyond enhancing client self-understanding and generating of career options.

Using Type to Increase Organizational Effectiveness

This Master Class workshop focuses on equipping participants to use MBTI® type to assist organizations dealing with common issues inhibiting organizational effectiveness: communication, teamwork, leadership development, and managing change. It will include agendas and activities that participants can use in their interventions.

MBTI Refresh and Re-Engage workshop

This one-day workshop is designed for MBTI® Certified practitioners who wish to refresh their knowledge and skills and find out about the latest recommended approaches and supporting materials for giving individual and group feedback. The course focuses on building your skills and confidence in using the MBTI tool, reinvigorating how you deliver MBTI feedback to support personal and team development.

 Program investment

  • Early Registration (8 weeks prior to program): $425
  • Regular Price: $525


For more information contact, or 1-800-661-5158 ext. 227.

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