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Using the MBTI instrument as a foundation, the Optimizing Team Performance (OTP) program offers an innovative, mix-and-match modular format that allows you to deliver engaging MBTI workshops on the six most commonly requested MBTI team-building application topics: Team Building, Communication, Conflict, Stress, Change, and Individual Development.
The OTP Leader’s Guide binder and flash drive include everything you need including sample administration emails, module scripts, facilitation suggestions, timelines, activities with sample outcomes, and PowerPoint slides. Whether you’re newly MBTI Certified or an experienced MBTI practitioner, the OTP train-the-trainer program will take your MBTI team-building workshops to the next level! 


How can i Start Using the OTP Program in My Organization?

The OTP Leader’s Guide, flash drive, and related materials are available through the full-day OTP Train-the-Trainer workshop. In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the OTP program flow and format
  • Observe the facilitation of OTP activities
  • Participate in OTP activities
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to deliver effective OTP programs

Overview of the OTP Program Modules

Type Introduction Modules

Type Introduction #1: This module is designed for participants who will complete the MBTI® instrument online prior to the OTP program, and includes an introduction to the concept of personality preferences, a description of the right preferences, a review of the participants MBTI Reports, and a review of the full-page personality type descriptions.

Type Introduction #2: This module is designed for participants who will complete the MBTI Self-Scorable instrument prior to the OTP program, and includes content identical to that of Type Introduction #1, but also includes scoring of the MBTI Self-Scorable Report

Type Introduction Review: This module is designed for participants who have recently completed the MBTI instrument, and includes a review of the preference descriptions and a review of the full-page personality type descriptions.

Application Modules

Optimizing Team Building
Optimizing Team Communication

Optimizing Conflict Management
Optimizing Change Management
Optimizing Stress Management
Optimizing Leadership Development

When conducting your own OTP program, you select one of the three Type Introduction modules to open the workshop, and then add any of the above Application Modules, or any combination of them, to form a complete OTP program. Alternatively, you can pick and choose activities from the various modules and assemble a workshop that you think best suits your team’s needs.

Next Training Dates

No dates scheduled, contact us for more information.


Price includes required material. Available at workshop.

What are people saying about the OTP program?

“I’m leaving with information and tools that I can use immediately” – Alison Buchanan

“Patrick made the course very interesting and fun! His enthusiasm for the topic is catching and makes me want to deliver this session ASAP!! ” – Joyce Montagnese

“Patrick is so knowledgeable about the MBTI assessment that it made learning all the materials easy.  I feel confident because the program is so thorough and comprehensive.”

For more information contact, or 1-800-661-5158 ext. 227.