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psychometrics 360 assessment

drive leadership development with 360 degree feedback

The Psychometrics 360 assessment provides straightforward and intuitive multi-source feedback to help leaders quickly identify their strengths and developmental needs. The clarity of the Psychometrics 360 report helps leaders easily recognize their leadership capabilities and challenges, and take actionable steps for growth. 

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why use a multi-rater feedback tool?

Professionally managed use of the Psychometrics 360 increases manager/leader self-awareness, and as part of an organization’s coaching/development program promotes:

increased understanding of the competencies and behaviours necessary to improve individual and organizational effectiveness

focused individual and organizational development activities

increased involvement of people at all levels of the organization

increased personal ownership for self-development and learning

36o leadership competencies

Assessing 24 leadership competencies, the Psychometrics 360 degree assessment improves a leader’s self-awareness in three key areas:

work & execution

  • works to high quality standards
  • achieves results efficiently
  • plans work activities
  • acts responsibly and with integrity
  • satisfies customers
  • acts to uphold safety
  • expresses ideas clearly in written form
  • expresses ideas clearly in spoken form
  • manages stress

interacting with others

  • coaches and develops others
  • empowers employees
  • fosters teamwork
  • displays cooperation and teamwork
  • encourages open dialogue
  • shows respect, inclusiveness and sensitivity
  • handles disagreement constructively
  • influences others

thinking & deciding

  • gathers and analyzes information
  • solve problems and makes decisions
  • mobilizes activity around clear purpose
  • seeks innovation
  • displays flexibility
  • shows organizations awareness
  • learns skills and develops capabilities

The Psychometrics 360 degree feedback tool has a simple and easy-to-use interface, ensures rater confidentiality, and collects feedback from supervisors, coworkers, direct reports and others, providing concrete data on leaders’ behaviours and how these behaviours affect their colleagues.

using the psychometrics 360 in your organization

If you are experienced and have worked with 360 feedback assessments in the past, you can get started immediately. We can also provide training on how to facilitate interpretations using the Psychometrics 360. If you are looking for a third party to conduct a 360 debrief, one of our experts can provide feedback to leaders within your organization.

The Psychometrics 360 is available online through in English and French. The 125 item survey takes 15-20 minutes for each rater to complete. 

start using the Psychometrics 360 to develop leaders

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Psychometrics 360 feedback report

results using the psychometrics 360

Cornerstone Credit Union introduces 360 degree feedback in their annual development planning process. 

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Don’t let the inability to meet face to face with leaders get in the way of continuing their development. They need it now more than ever.